2000 Most Common German Words in Context by Lingo Mastery

2000 Most Common German Words in Context by Lingo Mastery


About The Book:

Description: Have you been trying to learn German and simply can’t find the way to expand your vocabulary?
Do your teachers recommend you boring textbooks and complicated stories that you don’t really understand?
Are you looking for a way to learn the language quicker without taking shortcuts?

If you answered “Yes!” to at least one of those previous questions, then this book is for you! We’ve compiled the 2000 Most Common Words in German, a list of terms that will expand your vocabulary to levels previously unseen.

Did you know that — according to an important study — learning the top two thousand (2000) most frequently used words will enable you to understand up to 84% of all non-fiction and 86.1% of fiction literature and 92.7% of oral speech? Those are amazing stats, and this book will take you even further than those numbers!

In this book:
• A detailed introduction with tips and tricks on how to improve your learning
• A list of 2000 of the most common words in German and their translations
• An example sentence for each word – in both German and English
• Finally, a conclusion to make sure you’ve learned and supplied you with a final list of tips

Don’t look any further, we’ve got what you need right here!
In fact, we’re ready to turn you into a German speaker… are you ready to get involved in becoming one?

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About The Author:

Offered by kekmaw (publisher)

Lingo Mastery is an innovative language education brand that is transforming the way we learn languages. Lingo Mastery is on a mission to make language learning not just easier, but also a lot more fun.

Besides the fantastic books that can be found on this page, Lingo Mastery also has an active website, packed with golden nuggets that will help you on your journey to fluency. Check out for more.



Appearance: This book is an eBook, not a physical book.



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Hacking Digital Growth 2025 by Constantin Singureanu

Hacking Digital Growth 2025: Exploiting Human Biases, Tools of the Trade & The Future of Digital Marketing by Constantin Singureanu


About The Book:

Hacking Digital Growth 2025 by Constantin Singureanu, exposes you to the technological forces affecting the future of growth hacking and digital marketing: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Search and more. You will be exposed to a wide range of psychological principles, and how they affect human judgment when people purchase things online.

Learn how to make use of fear, depression, the myth of “less is more”, first impressions, last impressions, priming, networks, obedience and many more, to your advantage. You are also introduced to a wide range of growth hacking tools that will support your mission of hijacking the minds of your audiences.

The book approaches digital marketing and growth hacking both from a scientific and practical perspective. We live in a rapidly changing world where new ideas are quickly replacing popular ones and changing the rules without mercy. Where will your business be in the next 5 to 10 years? This book will enable you to both stay ahead of the competition and transform your business.

Are you ready to transform your business for the future? What you will find inside:

1. The book discusses the introduction and influence of disruptive technologies that are changing the digital marketing landscape including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Voice Search.

2. A thought-provoking conversation about the future of digital marketing, tools, and profession. Ranges of elements are discussed, from SEO, paid search, and native advertising, to data analytics, content, and email marketing.

3. Non-technical marketers, business owners, sales teams, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs are introduced to a wide range of digital marketing tools, software, and resources, which they can use to transform their ventures and successfully compete in the business environment.

4. Outsourcing platforms have changed everything, making it easy for entrepreneurs to purchase content and do almost anything within a very flexible marketplace. You’ll also learn about the importance of so many digital marketing resources like social media follower automation, landing page creation, automated posting, commenting and liking, etc., to drive quality traffic and boost sales to your website.

5. The book also discusses tools for generating content ideas, leveraging popular content, performing sentiment analysis on your content and more. Readers are also introduced to a variety of growth hacking and digital marketing tools they can use to bring ideas to life and create content that will resonate with their followers or audience. These tools are used for video and video animation, beautiful and colorful images, infographics, video and image editors, memes, Gifs, magazines, etc. You also learn how to utilize eBooks, online courses, mobile apps, webinars, podcasts, etc., to repurpose and extend the reach of your content.

6. Customer engagement is important for online conversion. You learn the importance of digital marketing tools for communication, like live chat, virtual offices, pop-ups, IP mapping, virtual numbers, etc.

7. You also learn about growth hacking tools for reaching journalists, bloggers, media, and influencers in your business, and increase reach to your content using social lockers, follow buttons, push notification, automation of workflow, etc.

8. Digital marketing is already overtaking traditional marketing. Understand the fundamentals of disruptive trends that have been changing digital marketing and growth hacking. Get into the mind of your audience and leverage human nature and digital marketing tools for improving your business.

By the same Author:

DIGITAL MARKETING MADE SIMPLE – A Jargon-Free Review of Theory, Tools & Leveraging Human Psychology to SELL MORE

MIND THE BRAND GAP – A study of Competing Brand Identities, Human Biases and Why You MUST FIRE your HR team


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About The Author:

Constantin Singureanu graduated with an MBA and MA in Marketing & Innovation and is currently starting an MSc in Data Science. His current role is Head of Digital Marketing at a London-based company – Move Digital.

In the past, he performed a variety of roles starting with managing hotels for Intercontinental Group and Hilton, launching a variety of restaurant and bar concepts, being a marketing consultant for businesses ranging from SMEs to large iconic brands, to helping savvy entrepreneurs in setting up, launching and growing their exciting start-ups.

Together with his teams, he has won awards for developing people, innovation, customer service, revenue development, sales and was shortlisted for many awards in entrepreneurship, business person of the year or social influence. His team described him best as “someone who is mentally and physically determined, as well as tough but loveable when needed.”






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Unlocking Yes Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy by Patrick Tinney

Unlocking Yes Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy by Patrick Tinney


About The Book:

Unlocking Yes: Sales-Negotiation Lessons & Strategy specifically addresses the negotiation needs of sales professionals. Using real-life examples, learn how to engage professional buyers who are well-schooled in procurement and negotiation practices and bring relationship-based selling to profitable closures.

Owning Unlocking Yes gives readers access to sales negotiation success stories and is truthful in the hard lessons learned when things went wrong. Familiarize yourself with examples of 12 negotiation strategies sophisticated buyers use on professional sellers along with tips to navigate these bargaining strategies.

Unlocking Yes is current, relevant and adds value to any sales organization or individuals making large purchases because it is philosophically results based.


Editorial Reviews:

“In Unlocking Yes: Sales-Negotiation Lessons & Strategy, Patrick Tinney shares a rich combination of key negotiation principles and professional stories drawn from his own and his colleagues’ experience as veteran sales experts. As a negotiation professor, I was glad to have the chance to read it.

This is fairly unique in the way it focuses on the connections between the two critical business skills of sales and negotiation. I’ve met many who feel lacking in both subjects, and I’m glad to know that Unlocking Yes is written with them in mind. The book can reassure and help many of them.

The book succinctly reviews key principles of negotiation in an easy-to-read format – principles that are central to the field and that can make a big difference for anyone. It also offers a number of noteworthy ideas about the selling process, rightly emphasizing relationship building, listening, preparation, and even connecting that work with other business concepts such as SWOT analysis is accretive.

The book’s stories add color and subtleties to these principles. For example, to illustrate the importance of negotiation relationships, Tinney recounts a powerful story about going out of his way to do right by a client. The client so appreciated his consideration that years later when he faced layoffs at his firm, the client offered to help him find another job. Helping people produce more creative, satisfying agreements is a hugely valuable thing to do.

Unlocking Yes can help readers do just that, especially those in sales who are new or feel strongly challenged by this critical task.” Prof. Seth Freeman – Negotiation & Conflict Management, NYU Stern School of Business, Columbia University “Unlocking Yes” is a powerful, practical book, loaded with proven negotiating strategies you can use to get better deals every time.” Brian Tracy – Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International


About The Author:

Patrick Tinney Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Consultant Patrick Tinney is the founder and Managing Partner of Centroid Training and Marketing and author of “Unlocking Yes: Sales-Negotiation Lessons & Strategy”. Prior to Centroid, Patrick held various corporate sales and management positions at The Southam Newspaper Group, Hollinger Inc. and CanWest Media.

Over his 30 year career, Patrick has concluded multi-million dollar media sales and negotiation solutions for many of Canada’s largest advertisers. An expert on the topic of business negotiation, techniques, and trends, Patrick is frequently published in online and print business journals.

He is also sought after as a trainer, executive coach, and keynote speaker. Patrick is a member of CPSA (The Canadian Professional Sales Association), a founding Director of the FDSA (Flyer Distribution Standards Association of Canada) and a past member of the Sheridan College, Advertising Program, Advisory Committee. Patrick holds the certification of C.P.P.P. (Certified Print Production Practitioner).

Patrick Tinney is one of the most published Authors on Business Negotiation in Canada.






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How to Be Happy: Overcoming Mind Problems by CJJos

How to Be Happy: Overcoming Mind Problems by CJJos


About The Book:

Everyone will readily agree that overcoming a mental illness is absolutely essential to be happy in life. This book takes it a step further, emphasizing that even Mind Problems, the more common psychological predicaments, though well below the clinical bar, can affect a person’s thinking, behavior, and wellbeing in profoundly negative ways and bring down the structure of harmony and health.

The book is intended to educate the public on the importance of overcoming these problems by employing self-help strategies, psychotherapy, and, if needed, taking medications. For those concerned with overvaluing life’s mundane problems, thus trivializing the real medical disorders, there is plenty of thought-provoking evidence throughout the book, to calm their nerves.


Editorial Reviews:

C.J. Jos, M.D is board-certified physician trained in Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry, and currently a Professor at St Louis University, St Louis and a Medical Director at COMTREA, a large non-profit organization treating the ill children and adults.

Dr. Jos is ideally suited to write this book since during his long professional career, he has witnessed the limitations of Diagnostic Manuals and the intrinsic power of Mind Problems to erupt and disrupt human lives.


About The Author:

Behavioral Health Medical Director

Dr. C.J. Jos joined COMTREA in January 2009 as the Behavioral Health Medical Director.  He received his MD from India and neurology and psychiatry training from the University of Leeds, England and the University of Missouri-Columbia. He joined the VA medical center St. Louis in 1979 and retired in 2008.

Dr. Jos has been a faculty member at St. Louis University (SLU) since 1979 and is currently a Professor in the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry. He is the recipient of best teacher award from SLU and authored several scientific articles along with three books. He is currently working on a research project in collaboration with SLU about resiliency in childhood sexual abuse.






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Truework are you? Workplace observations and elements of NLP Coaching

Truework are you? Workplace observations and elements of NLP Coaching by ANNA KELLY, Review and Summary


About The Book:

We all face the alarm clock ringing loudly, urging us to rise and shine in all weathers.
For many, this is a struggle, for others, it’s “get up and go” time. What makes an everyday necessity so different for different people.

The answer lies in knowing the business you work for and more importantly the people you work with. People can either give you confidence or sap your confidence. My book looks beyond the door of the working environment, comprising of its ups and downs, logical and at times illogical.

At times, we can be left scratching our heads in dismay at the unprofessional attitude that can exist in the workplace. Many of these stories have been published individually and now compiled for the reader. I hope that it provides a little humour and a little annoyance mixed together to bring about a cocktail of sense.

Editorial Reviews:


About The Author:






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The Success Answer 8 Wealth Habits of Financially Successful People

The Success Answer & 8 Wealth Habits of Financially Successful People by Ron Malhotra


About The Book:


Editorial Reviews:


About The Author:

Ron Malhotra AFP® PGrad. Bus. ADFS (FP) MBA AFA AChFP is an award-winning Financial Advisor, International Speaker, Advanced Mindset and Success Coach, Certified Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a #1 Best-Selling Author.

Ron’s passion is to empower people, by delivering a comprehensive and leading success formula that is based on the most advanced psychology of success and proven fundamentals of wealth and prosperity.

Ron is achievement-obsessed and is an influential motivator, Ron has the unique ability to inspire and transform people’s thinking that is holding them back from achieving personal or financial success.

Ron is an experienced media interviewee and speaker and is available for speaking and presenting on any matters related to success principles, personal growth and wealth creation. Ron’s views are featured regularly in the media and have been published on ABC, Financial Review, CNN, Money Magazine Financial Observer, IFA (Independent Financial Adviser), Investing Daily, Fox News, Wallstreet Select and Small Business Trendsetters.

Ron is featured in Motivational Speakers Australia as a professional speaker. Ron with Joel Brown from Addicted2Success Ron with Joel Brown from Addicted2Success Ron is also a qualified and Award-Winning Financial Advisor and the founder and Managing Director of Maple Tree Wealth Management, a wealth management firm based in Melbourne Australia.

                            “What I want for myself I want for others” – Ron Malhotra








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Race to Amazing: Your Fast Track to Sales Leadership

Race to Amazing: Your Fast Track to Sales Leadership by Krista S Moore, Review and Summary


About The Book:

The number one differentiator for companies that are slow to grow and those that are knocking the ball out of the park is… Effective Sales Leadership.

So often, salespeople are promoted to management prematurely. Small and midsize businesses may lack resources or talent to lead a sales team successfully. Large organizations face the daunting task of developing the next generation of millennial sales leaders.

There is an urgent need for companies to uplevel their sales leadership in order to innovate, create loyalty, strategically compete, and win new business against disruptive competitors. With Race to Amazing, you don’t need to waste time with lofty theories. Get on the fast track to sales success with a proven system that has been cultivated over 40 years.

Author Krista S. Moore has codified her winning approach through combining her personal experiences growing up in a small coal-mining town, leading sales for multimillion-dollar startups and Fortune 500 companies, and coaching successful sales leaders throughout the world.

Race to Amazing contains relatable stories, shared experiences, and practical applications to:
Gain clarity on your vision, your talents, and your why
•Create and lead a winning sales strategy
•Build an effective sales management system
•Create a motivating and inspiring leadership style
•Learn a “Coach Approach” to sales leadership

Race to Amazing will inspire you to be the best that you can be, have a positive impact on others, and get the business results you are looking for.


Editorial Reviews:

Krista S. Moore, President of K.Coaching Inc., is highly recognized as an inspirational speaker and results-oriented executive coach. In 2003 she followed her entrepreneurial spirit and founded K.Coaching, Inc., after twenty years of sales leadership positions within the office products industry. Moore combines her real-life business experiences, certified business coaching, and motivational style to help others achieve outstanding success in their lives and careers.

In 2016, Moore and her team launched The Sales Vault™, an online business building learning management system utilized by thousands of sales professionals to enhance their sales strategies, training, and leadership development.

Moore is the host of The Krista Moore Talk Show, and author of Race to Amazing: Your Fast Track to Sales Leadership. These are her “give backs” to help others continue to learn, develop, and grow into being the best that they can be.

Her forthcoming book, Your 10-Year-Old Self: The Powerful Process of Going Backwards to Move Forward In Your Life, guides you through a process of exploring childhood memories in order to better understand your hidden talents, who you are at your core, and what is missing in your life.

Moore lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband and business partner, Eddie. Together they have three daughters: Kelsey, Kara, and Karson, and granddaughter Kayleigh.  She enjoys yoga, hiking, entertaining family, and friends, playing golf, and igniting the potential in others!


About The Author:

Krista S. Moore After 20 years of Sales Leadership positions, Krista S. Moore is now the Founder and CEO of K.Coaching, Inc., a sales leadership coaching, consulting, and training organization. She is a sought-after Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Business Coach, and host of The Krista Moore Talk Show.

In 2016, Krista launched the IDGrowth Sales Vault™, an online business building learning management system, utilized by thousands of sales professionals, to enhance their sales strategies, training, and leadership development.

Krista resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Eddie. Together they have three daughters, Kelsey, Kara, and Karson. She enjoys relaxing, yoga, entertaining family and friends, playing golf, and igniting the potential in others!

More about her:


I have received the paperback of the book, good quality of paper and printing.

Race to Amazing 
is a Sales Leadership guide, Resource and training material in which the Author incorporated the storytelling (some chapters) and questioning (Collaborating) methods of teaching and writing.

She began with an introduction, how being a-know-it-all especially as a leader or business owner will hurt you and this book, Race to Amazing is about the growth if you’re open to learn and develop your strengths within.

The author is coming from an area and neighborhood with no exposure to the world of sales or business management. she explained how her father by listening to Jim Rohn’s motivational cassette tapes has made a significant impact on her life and who she is today.

Improving the relationship between managers and employees is the first thing that will pop up in your mind by reading the first chapter. no matter if you’re the owner or the manager of a small business or already running a company, generating $18 M in revenue, you need to identify those set-backs by asking questions, set priorities or reviewing your business culture in order to grow more revenue.

In the second chapter, the author has “Focused on Yourself” by offering some in-book and online tools (questionnaire) trying to teach how, to know ourselves, prompt our memory, emphasizing on goal setting and realizing how the core value influence the daily decision making.

Download a full reflections questionnaire offered by the author at

In this chapter, the author is asking the CEOs or LEADERs to be flexible (Awareness) to change as they could be one the main problems that hold the company back from success in Race to Amazing.

Some of the stories (Examples) in each chapter although are real and practical, but I think the failure to clarify how she has discovered the on-going problem in her client’s companies and not mentioning the time period of success after applying her strategies, is noticeable, although she has successfully covered the way she accomplished the result that the clients needed in a training way, by using some tools such as SWOT Analysis, collecting valid info by attending a meeting just with employees, realizing the gap between leadership and employees, etc.

In “LifeLine Example” after defining and walking the audience through the benefits, the author offers another questionnaire in order to draw the graph to identify the current habits and leadership style.

By reading Race to Amazing book, and facing phrases like Manager or Leader this question will pop up in mind that what is the difference between those two, or why it matters to identify our leadership style? In chapter four, The author in a unique way by simple examples and a comparison activity introduced two different leadership styles and broke down each, into New Generation and Old-School.

Next, The explanation of the impact of each style on the company, how to identify them, and the most important what their employees expecting from leaders is a great section for leaders to have a better communication with their team.

The Author in several examples is blaming CEOs or LEADERs of not having “Awareness” and being the main hurdle in Race to Amazing that caused the company stopped of growing more revenue or not succeeding. that said again, the author is asking leaders to take responsibilities of their failures, seek advice and communicate inside.

One of my favorite chapter in this book is chapter seven, where the author is asking Sales Leaders to take a big picture and break it down into easily implementable actions, that continues with go-to-market strategy and the teaching of CPR Model that she described it as a CPR breath life saving to any businesses. She also broke down this model into the different sections of Defenition, Comparison of each area, Where to Apply and take Action.

This book contains 14 chapters, written in a very easy language, realistic examples, useful In-Book, and online Assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses, influence yourself and having a closer relationship with your employees, this is also a perfect source of Leadership Self-Study Workbook which I highly recommend to whoever wants to be a greater Leader in their professional life.

In the end, I’d like to thank the author Krista S. Moore for giving me the honor of reviewing her newly published book and sending a thank you card in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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The Decision Maker’s Handbook to Data Science By Stylianos Kampakis

The Decision Maker’s Handbook to Data Science: A guide for non-technical executives, managers and founders By Stylianos Kampakis Ph.D.


About The Book:

The Decision Maker’s Handbook to Data Science By Stylianos Kampakis.

Have you ever felt confused by terms such as “data science” and “big data“? What is really the difference between AI and machine learning? How can you hire a good data scientist and how do you build a data-driven organisation? Have you ever thought you’d like to use data-science, but you don’t know where to start?

The Decision Maker’s Handbook to Data Science was written specifically for you. It covers all the topics that a non-technical decision maker needs to know if they are to use data science within their organisation.

Driven by the author’s 10+ years of experience, the book’s aim is to demystify the jargon and offer answers to all the most common problems and questions that decision makers face when dealing with data. Topics include:

1) Explaining data science. Demystifying the differences between AImachine learning and statistics.

2) Data management best practices.

3) How to think like a data scientist, without being one.

4) How to hire and manage data scientists.

5) How to setup the right culture in an organisation, in order to make it data-centric.

6) Case studies and examples based on real scenarios.

Data sciencemachine learning and artificial intelligence are amongst the main drivers of the technological revolution we are experiencing. If you are planning to collect and use data within your company, then the Decision Maker’s Handbook to Data Science will help you avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls, and make the most out of your data.

Editorial Reviews:

About The Author:

Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis is a data scientist who is living and working in London, UK. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University College London, as well as an MSc in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh. He also holds degrees in Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Economics, and Intelligent Systems.

He is a member of the Royal Statistical Society and an honorary research fellow in the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies1. He has many years of academic and industrial experience in all fields of data science: statistical modeling, machine learning, classic AI, optimization and more. Stylianos’ academic experience ranges across various domains.

Stelios is one of the foremost experts in the area of sports analytics, having done his Ph.D. in the use of machine learning for predicting football injuries. He has also done work in the area of neural networks, computational neuroscience, and cognitive science. He is also doing research in blockchain and more specifically in the area of tokenomics, where he studies topics such as the best mechanisms for handling volatility in token economies and evaluating Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

In terms of industrial experience, Stylianos has worked on a wide range of problems. Some examples include using deep learning to analyze data from mobile sensors and radar devices, to recommender systems, to natural language processing for social media data. He has also done work in the areas of econometrics, Bayesian modeling, forecasting, and research design.

He also has lots of experience in consulting for startups, having worked with companies that have raised millions in funding. Stylianos is also very active in the area of data science education. He the founder of The Tesseract Academy2, a company whose mission is to help decision makers understand deep technical topics such as machine learning and blockchain.

Stelios is also teaching “Social Media Analytics”, and “Quantitative Methods and Statistics with R” in the Cyprus International Institute of Management3. Finally, he often writes about data science, machine learning, blockchain and other topics on his personal blog The Data Scientist4.






Did You Know: (Book Articles)


Data science has three core fields, namely artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistics.

Artificial Intelligence is all about replicating human brain function in a machine. The primary functions that AI should perform are logical reasoning, self-correction, and learning. While it has a wide range of applications, it is also a highly complicated technology because to make machines smart, a lot of data and computing power is required.

Machine learning refers to a computer’s ability to learn and improve beyond the scope of its programming. Thus, it relies on creating algorithms that are capable of learning from the data they are given. They are also designed to garner insights and then make forecasts regarding data they haven’t previously analyzed.

There are three approaches to machine learning, namely supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning, plus some sub-fields (such as semi-supervised learning). Here, we will be talking only about supervised and unsupervised learning, since this is what is mainly used in business.

Let’s say you want to sort all your photographs based on content.

In supervised learning, you would provide the computer with labeled examples. So, you’d give it a picture of a dog and label it animal. Then you’d feed it a picture of a person and label it human. The machine will then sort all the remaining pictures.

In unsupervised learning, you’d just give the machine all the photos and let it understand the different characteristics and organize your photos.

In reinforcement learning, the machine learns based on errors and rewards. Thus, the machine analyzes its actions and their results.

Statistics is an essential tool in the arsenal of any data scientist because it helps to develop and study methods to collect, analyze, interpret, and present data. The numerous methodologies it uses enable data scientists to:

– Design experiments and interpret results to improve product decision-making
– Build signal-predicting models
– Transform data into insights
– Understand engagement, conversions, retention, leads and more
– Make intelligent estimations
– Use data to tell the story


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Growth IQ Book By Tiffani Bova Review and Summary

Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Busines


About The Book:

Growth IQ Book By Tiffani Bova Review and Summary. Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Busines. 


Trying to find the one right move that will improve your business’s performance can feel overwhelming. But, as you’ll discover in Growth IQ, there are just ten simple–but easily misunderstood–paths to growth, and every successful growth strategy can be boiled down to picking the right combination and sequence of these paths for your current context.

Tiffani Bova travels around the world helping companies solve their most vexing problem: how to keep growing in the face of stiff competition and a fast-changing business environment. Whether she’s presenting to a Fortune 500 board of directors or brainstorming over coffee with a startup founder, Bova cuts through the clutter and confusion that surround growth.

Now, she draws on her decades of experience and more than thirty fascinating, in-depth business stories to demonstrate the opportunities–and pitfalls–of each of the ten growth paths, how they work together, and how they apply to business today.


Editorial Reviews:

“A worthy successor to Michael Porter, Bova’s book is that rare gift: it opens doors for new ideas and new actions.
No glib answers here, simply hard-won wisdom that will provoke big changes for organizations large and small.”

SETH GODIN, Author Of Linchpin

“Too many companies foster cultures of burnout in the pursuit of short-term growth as an end in itself. Smart growth is sustainable growth and Tiffani Bova shows us how to maintain it by building a purpose-led culture and leveraging, instead of sacrificing, the dedication of your people.”

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, Founder & CEO Of Thrive Global, Founder Of Huffington Post

“We all want our business to grow, but how can we make that happen? Fortunately, Tiffani Bova is here with answers. In this smartbook, she reveals ten growth paths — from creating an inspiring customer experience to disrupting business as usual. And she backs her findings with solid data and examples from thriving companies.
You’ve got a choice: Tread the old paths or follow Bova into the future.”

DANIEL H. PINK, Author Of When And Drive

“Tiffani Bova has a knack for rendering complex insights in clear, elegant prose. Growth IQ tackles the biggest question in business.”

MARTIN LINDSTROM, Author Of Buyology And Small Data

“Look, I LOVE this book. PERIOD. Growth IQ has a crisp, clean, and valuable superstructure. And it’s well written. Those things are great, but no the basis for my love affair. The love comes from Stories. Stories. Stories. Ten sound strategies, thirty compelling, memorable stories–from Starbucks and McDonald’s to Under Armour and Red Bull. If these stories don’t inspire you and add a ton to your stockpile of personal intellectual capital, I don’t know what will. Bravo Tiffani Bova!”

TOM PETERS, Author Of In Search Of Excellence

“Whether you’re planning to disrupt an industry or protect your company from competitors, GROWTH IQ shows how urgent it is to choose the right path. This choice can be overwhelming but Tiffani simplifies your options into ten proven paths and empowers you to embark upon the right one for you with confidence…and results. Our love affair with comfort zones can be our downfall;

Tiffani reminds us that almost all the good stuff happens when we venture off the well-trodden trail into uncharted–and therefore uncertain–territory. With her guidance, we discover that the uncertainty need not be so daunting–through examples, savvy, deeply-experienced analysis and synthesis, and valuable checklists, Tiffani will provide a bump to anyone’s GROWTH IQ.”

WHITNEY JOHNSON, Thinkers50 Management Thinker, Author Of Disrupt Yourself

“This book captures the essence of how to consistently grow an enterprise through relentless customer focus… Tiffani Bova is the quintessential storyteller… leading us through a framework that gives structure to our growth strategy. As a founder some of these things are innate… but this book is a valuable tool to inspire my leaders throughout each of our businesses.

It made me giggle too, I remember my CFO asking (as we hit our growth stride)… “what is it that worked?” The answer, of course, is everything. We are in the 1% game now, looking and seeking growth of 1% from each of our initiatives – combined they deliver double-digit growth annually. Thanks, Tiffani for writing this down… a guidebook for all leaders to inspire those around them.”

NAOMI SIMSON, Shark – Shark Tank Australia, Founder Of RedBalloon, Cofounder Of Big Red Group

“Growth is top of mind for every company, but the path to achieving sustained growth can be elusive. In Growth IQ, Tiffani applies her deep expertise from working with the world’s top brands to light a path to growth in this era of rapid digital transformation.”

KEITH BLOCK, Vice Chairman, President, And COO, Salesforce


About The Author:

Tiffani Bova is the global customer growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce. Over the past two decades, she has led large revenue-producing divisions at businesses ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. She spent ten years at Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory firm as a distinguished analyst and research fellow.

Her cutting-edge insights have helped Microsoft, Cisco, Salesforce, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, SAP, AT&T, Dell, Amazon-AWS, and other prominent companies expand their market share and grow their revenues. This is her first book.






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The Marketing Book 2019 Edition by Jason McDonald Ph.D.

The Marketing Book 2019 Edition by Jason McDonald Ph.D. a Marketing Plan for Your Business Made Easy via Think / Do / Measure


About The Book:

MARKETING MADE EASY – Step by Step to a Marketing Plan for Your Business!

2019 Updated Edition

Welcome to The Marketing Book, 2019 edition! My name is Jason McDonald, and I’m excited to be your guide to the fun-filled and enriching task of business marketing.

This is a book about better thinking, better doing, and better measuring when it comes to marketing your business. This book will lead you step-by-step to a practical marketing plan for your business, both online and off.

This book teaches the think/ do/measure method of marketing. Each Chapter teaches a marketing task by, first, explaining how to think about the concept, second, giving you specific to-dos to actually go do it, and third, providing tips on how to measure what’s working (and what’s not) to do it better over time.

Throughout the book, we’ll use the example of Jason’s Cat Boarding Emporium (JCBE), a fictitious business in San Francisco, California, that boards cats for people who are leaving the city on vacation, and also offers cat grooming services as well as cat toys and paraphernalia for purchase online. As the pretend marketing manager of JCBE, we’ll brainstorm ways to better market our products and services to affluent, busy San Franciscans who want to get out of town and have a place to stash the cat.

With the framework of think/ do/measure in your head, and with the miracle of the Internet at your fingertips, you can dive deeper into any marketing task and become a better marketer. “Once you know the question,”

A practical marketing book by Jason McDonald of Stanford Continuing Studies

Do you own a business? Or, perhaps, do you work at a business as the marketing manager? Do you want to learn the basics of how to market your business in an easy-to-use format? Well, if so, then THE MARKETING BOOK is the book for you. This is a PRACTICAL step-by-step guide to basic marketing concepts. It’s goal: to help you create a practical marketing plan for your business using the think / do / measure method of marketing.

Each Chapter teaches a marketing task by, first, explaining how to think about the concept, second, giving you specific to-dos to actually go do it, and third, providing tips on how to measure what’s working (and what’s not) to do it better over time. Marketing is harder than it looks, and so this is one of the best books on marketing, breaking marketing down into –


  1. Define what you sell, that they want.
  2. Build your brand.
  3. Make yourself easy-to-find.
  4. Create compelling content.
  5. Think and deploy; that is, promote your brand across digital and non-digital channels.

One of the Best Marketing Books of 2018 for Beginners and Experts Alike

  • Jason McDonald – written by a successful practitioner of digital marketing. Just Google ‘SEO Expert Bay Area’ or ‘SEO Expert Witness’. He’s there at the top!
  • Stanford University – used by Dr. McDonald in his courses, both online and on campus, at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies
  • An Easy to Follow Method – written in PLAIN ENGLISH for MERE MORTALS. Learn how to do MARKETING step by step.
  • Got Questions? – just Google ‘Jason McDonald’ and send a quick email or call. Mention ‘the Marketing Book.’





1. What You Have, That They Want
2. Market Research or Marketing Research?
3. The Product / Service Matrix
4. B2B B2G B2C
5. Buyer Personas
6. Positioning: Find Your Niche
7. Twaggle: Your BVP as Blueprint


8. Brand Identity, Branding, & Brand Equity
9. Promote It: The Marketing Mix, the Promotion Mix
10. The Customer Strikes Back: Reputation Management
11. Twaggle: Branding along the Customer Journey


12. The Five Discovery Paths
13. Search: Can They Find You?
14. Review / Trust: Do They Trust You?
15. eWOM / Share / Influencers: Will They Talk About You?
16. Interrupt / Advertise: This Could be Annoying (& Might Just Work)
17. Browse: The Power of Next To
18. Twaggle: Discover Your Discovery Paths


19. What is Content Marketing?
20. Persuade into the Predictably Irrational
21. Content along the Discovery Paths
22. The Medium is the Message
23. Twaggle: the Twaggle of Content


24. Search Engines: SEO and AdWords
25. Understanding Social Media Marketing
26. Remarketing: Hello, Hello, Hello Advertising
27. Word of Mouth, eWOM, and Influencer Marketing
28. Email Marketing: the Rodney Dangerfield of Digital
29. Personal Selling – Real to Digital & Back Again
30. Tradition: Traditional Media & The Digital Reality
31. Twaggle: Fish Where the Fish Are

What is TWAGGLE? (a key concept of the new book by Jason McDonald)

with Twaggle: Build a Marketing Plan that Works


Editorial Reviews:

Author Jason McDonald has been active on the Internet since 1994 and has taught SEO, AdWords, and Social Media since 2009 – online, at Stanford University Continuing Studies, at both AcademyX and the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, at workshops, and incorporate training across these United States.

His passion is to take complex marketing topics such as social media marketing and make them easy-to-understand for small business owners and marketers. His style is practical, hands-on, and fun. He received his Ph.D. in 1992 from the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.A. from Harvard University in 1985. When he’s not surfing the Internet, Jason can be found being trained by his black Lab, Buddy, across the highways and byways of the San Francisco Bay Area.


About The Author:

Biography Jason McDonald

We have a mission: to make online marketing (SEO | SOCIAL MEDIA | ADWORDS ) easy and fun! We provide:

Jason McDonald has been active on the Internet since 1994 and has taught SEO, AdWords, and Social Media since 2009 – online, at Stanford University Continuing Studies, at both AcademyX and the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, at workshops, and incorporate training across the United States.

His passion is to take complex marketing topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and make them easy-to-understand for small business owners and marketers. His style is practical, hands-on, and fun. He received his Ph.D. in 1992 from the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.A. from Harvard University in 1985. When he’s not surfing the Internet, Jason can be found being trained by his black Lab, Buddy, across the highways and byways of the San Francisco Bay Area.


I write books on SEO, books on social media marketing, and books on AdWords. My most popular book is an SEO 2018 book entitled, ‘SEO Fitness Workbook 2018.’ My second book, the ‘Social Media Marketing Workbook‘ overviews social media marketing 2018, including Facebook marketing (Facebook for business), Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Yelp for business, etc. I have a forthcoming book on Job Search and Career Building in the Internet age, and I really need to update my books on Google AdWords, ‘AdWords Gotchas.’ Never enough time!

My passion is to take complex marketing topics and make them easy-to-understand for business owners and marketers. The style is practical, hands-on, and fun.

Reach out to me by simply Googling ‘Jason McDonald’ or call me at 415-655-1071. I’m always eager for questions!

Keywords: SEO books, social media books, SEO 2018, social media marketing 2018.
Jason McDonald, SEO Expert / Consulting – San Francisco, California –







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Which Is The Best Job Searching Website? here my experience!

Which Is The Best Job Searching Website? here my experience!



Which Is The Best Job Searching Website? here my experience! I’m a job seeker and it’s why I deleted my accounts on all those job searching websites!

Which Is The Best Job Searching Website? here my experience! You would hear this question from

Did You Know: (Book Articles)

I always write my reviews on Amazon, 3ee, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Google+.

If you also have read this book, please share your review below, we greatly appreciate your comment and let’s talk about it!


List of Adjectives That Describe a Book or Magazine

List of Adjectives That Describe a Book or Magazine


This list of Adjectives That Describe a Book or Magazine is the ultimate guide to write a review for a product, book, magazine and more.  In this post, we will know Genres, Verbs, and Adjectives which help us to write a better review. free PDF download and don’t forget to share it with your contacts.

Check similar post: List of Descriptive Words and Phrases For Book Reviews
























cult classic







hobby book



short story

special interest




















central character


character development

character study




comedic timing

























narrative voice










page turner











plot twist



point of view









rave reviews
































literary culture

literary device

literary genius




main character
























short story









subject matter















use of language

vehicle for





















be taken in

break down

bring to life

bring to light




carry away






























makes you think



muse on










piece together


play on































flesh out


give life to



hit home




reads well

















soak up















wrap up
















beautifully written


























deeply thoughtful









emotionally charged

emotionally resonant


















first person









highly original






immensely talented









intellectually invigorating



















































































third person






















widely acclaimed



Did You Know: (Book Articles)


I always write my reviews on Amazon, 3ee, and Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Google+.

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Get Ready For US Citizenship USCIS Questions & Answers

Get Ready For US Citizenship USCIS Questions & Answers. 100 Civics Questions and Answers


It’s Updating ….


Get Ready For US Citizenship USCIS Questions & Answers by 3ee is the best writing to memorize and not just these 100 questions but also to learn about the country you’re getting citizen of, in a storytelling way.

So let’s start with History and some Important numbers:

Native Americans Tribes like Cherokee, Navajo, Chippewa, Pueblo, Apache, Blackfeet, Mohegan, etc were living in the US before European colonists came to America for reasons such as Freedom, Political Liberty, Practice and Religious Freedom, Economic Opportunity and Escape Persecution.

The declaration of independence of the United States of America was adopted on July 4th 1776, it’s when we celebrate independence day. we also have other national holidays like New Years DayMartin Luther King, Jr. DayPresidents’ DayMemorial DayLabor DayColumbus DayVeterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When Francis Scott Key wrote The National Anthem on September 14, 1814, he was 35 years old and named it The Star-Spangled Banner, he was a lawyer and poet.

You know that our flag has 50 Stars which represents 50 states and 13 stripes which represent the 13 original Colonies and they are New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in 1787 they are also known as Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution like James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay Publius.

We all know Benjamin Franklin right? He’s famous as/for U.S. diplomat, the oldest member of the Constitutional Convention, first Postmaster General of the United States, He’s the writer of “Poor Richard’s Almanac”, and started the first free libraries.

The father of our country is George Washington, who also was The first president of the US, but who is the President now? Donald J Trump from Republican party and the 45th President who also is The Commander in Chief of the military. we elect our president in November of every 4 years, His Vice President is Michael R. Pence, the VP will become the president if If the President can no longer serve, and If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, The Speaker of the House who is Paul D. Ryan.

There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote, for example, Any Women and men citizen can vote if they’re eighteen (18) and older and don’t have to pay a poll tax to vote.  A male citizen of any race (can vote).
vote in a federal election and serve on a jury is one responsibility that is only for United States citizens they also can Run for federal office.

If you are living in the US, you also have some rights like Freedom of expression and Speech, Freedom of assembly, Freedom to petition the government and Practice your religion and The right to bear arms.

when we say the Pledge of Allegiance we are showing loyalty to The United States and The flag, and when I become a United States citizen I promise give up loyalty to other countriesdefend the Constitution and laws of the United States, obey the laws of the United States, serve in the U.S. military (if needed), serve (do important work for) the nation (if needed) and be loyal to the United States, there are different  ways to participate in your country’s democracy like vote, join a political party, help with a campaign, join a civic group, join a community group, give an elected official your opinion on an issue, call Senators and Representatives, publicly support or oppose an issue or policy, run for office or write to a newspaper.


The 100 civics (history and government) questions and answers for the naturalization test are listed below. The civics test is an oral test and the USCIS Officer will ask the applicant up to 10 of the 100 civics questions. An applicant must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test.

On the naturalization test, some answers may change because of elections or appointments. As you study for the test, make sure that you know the most current answers to these questions. Answer these questions with the name of the official who is serving at the time of your eligibility interview with USCIS. The USCIS Officer will not accept an incorrect answer.

Although USCIS is aware that there may be additional correct answers to the 100 civics questions, applicants are encouraged to respond to the civics questions using the answers provided below.

* If you are 65 years old or older and have been a legal permanent resident of the United States for 20 or more years, you may study just the questions that have been marked with an asterisk.


A: Principles of American Democracy

  1. What is the supreme law of the land? 
  • the Constitution
  1. What does the Constitution do? 
  • sets up the government
  • defines the government
  • protects basic rights of Americans
  1. The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words? 
  • We the People
  1. What is an amendment? 
  • a change (to the Constitution)
  • an addition (to the Constitution)
  1. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution? 
  • the Bill of Rights
  1. What is one right or freedom from the First Amendment?* 
  • speech • religion • assembly • press • petition the government
  1. How many amendments does the Constitution have? 
  • twenty-seven (27)
  1. What did the Declaration of Independence do? 
  • announced our independence (from Great Britain)
  • declared our independence (from Great Britain)
  • said that the United States is free (from Great Britain)
  1. What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence? 
  • life
  • liberty
  • pursuit of happiness
  1. What is freedom of religion? 
  • You can practice any religion, or not practice a religion.
  1. What is the economic system in the United States?* 
  • capitalist economy
  • market economy
  1. What is the “rule of law”? 
  • Everyone must follow the law. • Leaders must obey the law. • The government must obey the law.
  • No one is above the law.

B: System of Government

  1. Name one branch or part of the government.* 
  • Congress | the court | legislative | Judicial | President | executive
  1. What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful? 
  • checks and balances
  • separation of powers
  1. Who is in charge of the executive branch? 
  • the President
  1. Who makes federal laws? 
  • Congress
  • Senate and House (of Representatives)
  • (U.S. or national) legislature
  1. What are the two parts of the U.S. Congress?* 
  • the Senate and House (of Representatives)
  1. How many U.S. Senators are there? 
  • one hundred (100)
  1. We elect a U.S. Senator for how many years? 
  • six (6)
  1. Who is one of your state’s U.S. Senators now?* 
  • Answers will vary. [District of Columbia residents and residents of U.S. territories should answer that D.C. (or the territory where the applicant lives) has no U.S. Senators.]
  1. The House of Representatives has how many voting members? 
  • four hundred thirty-five (435)
  1. We elect a U.S. Representative for how many years? 
  • two (2)
  1. Name your U.S. Representative. 
  • Answers will vary. [Residents of territories with nonvoting Delegates or Resident Commissioners may provide the name of that Delegate or Commissioner. Also acceptable is any statement that the territory has no (voting) Representatives in Congress.]
  1. Who does a U.S. Senator represent? 
  • all people of the state


  1. Why do some states have more Representatives than other states? 
  • (because of) the state’s population
  • (because) they have more people
  • (because) some states have more people
  1. We elect a President for how many years? 
  • four (4)
  1. In what month do we vote for President?* 
  • November
  1. What is the name of the President of the United States now?* 
  • Donald J. Trump
  • Donald Trump
  • Trump
  1. What is the name of the Vice President of the United States now? 
  • Michael R. Pence
  • Mike Pence
  • Pence
  1. If the President can no longer serve, who becomes President? 
  • the Vice President
  1. If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President? 
  • the Speaker of the House
  1. Who is the Commander in Chief of the military? 
  • the President
  1. Who signs bills to become laws? 
  • the President
  1. Who vetoes bills? 
  • the President
  1. What does the President’s Cabinet do? 
  • advises the President
  1. What are two Cabinet-level positions? 
  • Secretary of Agriculture • Secretary of Commerce • Secretary of Defense  • Secretary of Education   • Secretary of Energy • Secretary of Health and Human Services • Secretary of Homeland Security • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development • Secretary of the Interior • Secretary of Labor • Secretary of State • Secretary of Transportation • Secretary of the Treasury • Secretary of Veterans Affairs • Attorney General • Vice President
  1. What does the judicial branch do? 
  • reviews laws
  • explains laws
  • resolves disputes (disagreements)
  • decides if a law goes against the Constitution
  1. What is the highest court in the United States? 
  • the Supreme Court
  1. How many justices are on the Supreme Court? 
  • nine (9)
  1. Who is the Chief Justice of the United States now? 
  • John Roberts (John G. Roberts, Jr.)
  1. Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the federal government. What is one power of the federal government? 
  • to print money • to declare war • to create an army  • to make treaties
  1. Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states? 
  • provide schooling and education • provide protection (police) • provide safety (fire departments)
  • give a driver’s license • approve zoning and land use
  1. Who is the Governor of your state now? 
  • Answers will vary. [District of Columbia residents should answer that D.C. does not have a Governor.]
  1. What is the capital of your state?* 
  • Answers will vary. [District of Columbia residents should answer that D.C. is not a state and does not have a capital. Residents of U.S. territories should name the capital of the territory.]
  1. What are the two major political parties in the United States?* 
  • Democratic and Republican
  1. What is the political party of the President now? 
  • Republican (Party)
  1. What is the name of the Speaker of the House of Representatives now? 
  • Paul D. Ryan
  • (Paul) Ryan

C: Rights and Responsibilities

  1. There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote. Describe one of them. 
  • Citizens eighteen (18) and older (can vote). • You don’t have to pay (a poll tax) to vote.
    • Any citizen can vote. (Women and men can vote.) • A male citizen of any race (can vote).
  1. What is one responsibility that is only for United States citizens?* 
  • serve on a jury
  • vote in a federal election
  1. Name one right only for United States citizens. 
  • vote in a federal election
  • run for federal office


  1. What are two rights of everyone living in the United States? 
  • freedom of expression • freedom of speech • freedom of assembly
  • freedom to petition the government • freedom of religion • the right to bear arms
  1. What do we show loyalty to when we say the Pledge of Allegiance? 
  • the United States
  • the flag
  1. What is one promise you make when you become a United States citizen? 
  • give up loyalty to other countries • defend the Constitution and laws of the United States
  • obey the laws of the United States • serve in the U.S. military (if needed)
  • serve (do important work for) the nation (if needed) • be loyal to the United States
  1. How old do citizens have to be to vote for President?* 
  • eighteen (18) and older
  1. What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy? 
  • vote • join a political party • help with a campaign  • join a civic group  • join a community group
  • give an elected official your opinion on an issue • call Senators and Representatives
  • publicly support or oppose an issue or policy • run for office • write to a newspaper
  1. When is the last day you can send in federal income tax forms?* 

April 15

  1. When must all men register for the Selective Service? 
  • at age eighteen (18)
  • between eighteen (18) and twenty-six (26)


A: Colonial Period and Independence

  1. What is one reason colonists came to America? 
  • freedom • political liberty • religious freedom  • economic opportunity  • practice their religion
  • escape persecution
  1. Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived? 
  • American Indians
  • Native Americans
  1. What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves? 


  • people from Africa
  1. Why did the colonists fight the British? 
  • because of high taxes (taxation without representation)
  • because the British army stayed in their houses (boarding, quartering)
  • because they didn’t have self-government
  1. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? 
  • (Thomas) Jefferson
  1. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted? 
  • July 4, 1776
  • There were 13 original states. Name three
  • New Hampshire • Massachusetts • Rhode Island  • Connecticut  • New York  • New Jersey  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware • Maryland • Virginia  • North Carolina  • South Carolina  • Georgia
  1. What happened at the Constitutional Convention? 
  • The Constitution was written.
  • The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution.
  1. When was the Constitution written? 
  • 1787
  1. The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers. 
  • (James) Madison • (Alexander) Hamilton • (John) Jay • Publius
  1. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for? 

U.S. diplomat  • oldest member of the Constitutional Convention  • first Postmaster General of the United States • writer of “Poor Richard’s Almanac”  • started the first free libraries

  1. Who is the “Father of Our Country”? 
  • (George) Washington


  1. Who was the first President?* 
  • (George) Washington

B: 1800s

  1. What territory did the United States buy from France in 1803? 
  • the Louisiana Territory
  • Louisiana
  1. Name one war fought by the United States in the 1800s. 
  • War of 1812 • Mexican-American War • Civil War  • Spanish-American War
  1. Name the U.S. war between the North and the South. 
  • the Civil War
  • the War between the States
  1. Name one problem that led to the Civil War. 
  • slavery
  • economic reasons
  • states’ rights
  1. What was one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did?* 
  • freed the slaves (Emancipation Proclamation)
  • saved (or preserved) the Union
  • led the United States during the Civil War
  1. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? 
  • freed the slaves • freed slaves in the Confederacy • freed slaves in the Confederate states
  • freed slaves in most Southern states
  1. What did Susan B. Anthony do? 

fought for women’s rights

  • fought for civil rights

C: Recent American History and Other Important Historical Information

  1. Name one war fought by the United States in the 1900s.* 
  • World War I • World War II • Korean War  • Vietnam War  • (Persian) Gulf War
  1. Who was President during World War I? 
  • (Woodrow) Wilson
  1. Who was President during the Great Depression and World War II? 
  • (Franklin) Roosevelt
  1. Who did the United States fight in World War II? 
  • Japan, Germany, and Italy
  1. Before he was President, Eisenhower was a general. What war was he in? 
  • World War II
  1. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States? 
  • Communism
  1. What movement tried to end racial discrimination? 
  • civil rights (movement)
  1. What did Martin Luther King, Jr. do?* 
  • fought for civil rights
  • worked for equality for all Americans
  1. What major event happened on September 11, 2001, in the United States? 
  • Terrorists attacked the United States.
  1. Name one American Indian tribe in the United States.

[USCIS Officers will be supplied with a list of federally recognized American Indian tribes.]

  • Cherokee • Navajo • Sioux  • Chippewa  • Choctaw  • Pueblo  • Apache  • Iroquois  • Creek  • Blackfeet • Seminole  • Cheyenne  • Arawak  • Shawnee  • Mohegan  • Huron • Oneida • Lakota • Crow • Teton • Hopi • Inuit


A: Geography

  1. Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States. 
  • Missouri (River)
  • Mississippi (River)
  1. What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States? 
  • Pacific (Ocean)
  1. What ocean is on the East Coast of the United States? 
  • Atlantic (Ocean)
  1. Name oneU.S. territory. 
  • Puerto Rico • U.S. Virgin Islands • American Samoa  • Northern Mariana Islands  • Guam


  1. Name one state that borders Canada. 
  • Maine • New Hampshire • Vermont •  New York •  Pennsylvania •  Ohio •  Michigan •  Minnesota
  • North Dakota • Montana • Idaho •  Washington •  Alaska
  1. Name one state that borders Mexico. 
  • California • Arizona • New Mexico •  Texas
  1. What is the capital of the United States?* 
  • Washington, D.C.
  1. Where is the Statue of Liberty?* 
  • New York (Harbor)
  • Liberty Island

[Also acceptable are New Jersey, near New York City, and on the Hudson (River).]


B: Symbols

  1. Why does the flag have 13 stripes? 

because there were 13 original colonies

  • because the stripes represent the original colonies
  1. Why does the flag have 50 stars?* 
  • because there is one star for each state
  • because each star represents a state
  • because there are 50 states
  1. What is the name of the national anthem? 

The Star-Spangled Banner

C: Holidays

  1. When do we celebrate Independence Day?
  • July 4
  1. Name two national U.S. holidays.

    • New Year’s Day  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day  • Presidents’ Day  • Memorial Day  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day • Columbus Day • Veterans Day  • Thanksgiving  • Christmas

Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap

Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap By Jake B. Melton


About The Book:

Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap, provides you with ways to alter your life and business by finding added happiness through applying principles of minimalism and simplicity. Learn how to attain more purpose, success and time in your life by getting rid of toxic relationships, mental clutter, and things that keep you from finding peace and joy in your life. Learn how to “cut the crap” and live a life that propels you forward.

Cut the crap, from your life that is holding you back, whether it’s relationships, possessions, processes, attitudes, or thoughts. Whether you are simply looking to find peace in a demanding world or you are growing a business, these ideas and principles will help you achieve added happiness and clarity in your life.

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Here’s part of the introduction:

“Growing up I was always drawn to organization, simplicity, cleanliness, and order. I always sifted through my possessions and got rid of things I didn’t need or want anymore. As I got older, I recognized my own self-made, minimalistic tendencies in my design, my nature,  my mentality, and my style.

When this modern movement became more popular over recent years—especially after documentaries and other written works had been published around the idea of minimalism—I  realized I had already been living along the lines of a minimalist for much of my life.  When minimalism became more widespread, it didn’t seem like anything foreign to me. It certainly wasn’t something that seemed very far “out there.” It always seemed right. So for me, it came first nature. It wasn’t a question of whether or not it would benefit my lifestyle, because I was already experiencing the benefits.

What I learned from the very beginning after taking on the label of living a “minimalist” lifestyle, was that minimalism is not an overnight decision—it is a journey. It takes time to understand its purpose and to be able to apply its principles to one’s life. It takes a conscious effort to see it unfold and benefit your reality.

Minimalism not only improves your physical atmosphere, but it truly does impact your mental and emotional atmospheres as well. Becoming a minimalist can mentally and emotionally help you live a happier, more harmonious life. It can help you clarify your goals, vision, focus, and improve levels of gratitude. Minimalist principles should be applied to physical space, but must also be applied to the emotional, spiritual, and mental spaces.

As a public speaker, author, and coach, I have seen far too many people that suffer at the hand of stress, anxiety, fear, worry, depression, anger, bitterness, and hopelessness. Those effects have also weighed on my mind at some points and have taken over a large portion of my life at times. This is where I realized there was more to minimalism than just the physical aspect, there was a much larger emotional and mental side.

I needed to minimize those negative feelings and attitudes, settle my emotional state of my mind. After years of living and applying minimalism both physically and emotionally, and seeing its positive effects, I knew I had to share what I’ve learned with others.

I took a look at everything I was doing and recognized that minimalism has changed my life and it can do the same for those who aren’t already practicing it. I want to share with others that which has made a significant impact in every realm of my life. Whether someone is missing something in their lives, are in need of an extra boost, or need answers to their own deep-rooted questions, minimalism can be a path of change for them.

I have gathered my experiences, lessons, ideas, expertise, and combined them into a program that can help business owners and every-day human beings find greater fulfillment in their lives, and find that happiness, success, time, and purpose are top priorities on the lists of most important things to people.

Also, help others apply minimalism to the most vital and burdensome aspects of their lives. Being a consultant and change leader in the business world, I recognize an opening for me to help business owners and entrepreneurs “minimalize their businesses.”

I have given every ounce of energy and every piece of knowledge that I have in helping others minimalize their lives and businesses. I coach and support them as they apply minimalism and change principles that will help them find increased success and peace of mind.

So, here we are now. This book will stand as a guide for you (as the first milestone in my “Minimalize Your Life and Minimalize Your Business” program), to use and apply to your everyday life and business.

Though this book is simple in nature, my hope is that you will find nuggets of knowledge, sparks of insight, and perhaps find ways you can achieve greater happiness and fulfillment in your life that you haven’t quite thought of before.

This book will enable you to see improvement in your relationships and your families. You will see your business grow in ways you didn’t think was possible, based on simple ideas and principles. It’s nothing too detailed or abstract and I did that so that it can remain applicable to anyone at any point in their life.”


Editorial Reviews:

“I’ve just finished reading for the second time “Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap” by Jake. A very pleasant reading, a wise view on growing in business and personal life. Personally, I am quite good at getting rid of toxic relationships at work but I had not realized how much “material things” were clogging up my life… until I read Jake’s book. I’m ready now to start cutting the material crap. Thank you, Jake!”

Ivette Javet: Quantitative Research Consultant

“I’ve just finished reading ‘Cut The Crap’ by Jake Melton. What a fantastic, straight talking, no holds barred, honest read. I loved that it was short, punchy and to the point.
This book ‘cut out all the crap’ reinforces the importance of how much more you can grow if you ‘cut the crap’ out of everything in your life that doesn’t serve you. It’s so simple, yet we over complicate it.

I would recommend this quick, yet impactful read to anyone. It’s definitely going to be my ‘go to handbook’ when I need a gentle reminder to ‘CUT THE CRAP’ “

Jill Ritchie: Scottish Life Success Coach

“I wanted to recommend Jake’s book: Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness. The author shares some wonderful ideas to cut the crap out of your life. Jake gives great tips to maximize your effectiveness in your family, relationships, at home, and at work. The ideas will stimulate your thinking to take action on ways to simplify your life. Quick and easy read! Pick up a copy and read it today!”

Coach Jim Johnson: Motivational Speaker, Author, Autism Advocate

“Jake Melton has a powerful message that everyone needs to hear. In his book “Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap”, Jake cuts through all the ‘noise’ that surrounds us and gets right to the core of what really matters.
Jake communicates from the heart in a way that truly resonates, taking us on a journey of how to simplify and refocus holistically – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. In doing so we can connect back to our values, find a sense of purpose and live a life full of joy and gratitude.”

Roseanna Saluni: Organizational Dev, Human Potential Coach

“I so highly recommend Jake’s book Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness “Cut The Crap”
It was a very easy read which I loved. But it also really made me think. I thought organizing was important, well it is much more than that. Jake talks about cutting the crap out of every aspect of life.
Something I had never thought of. He talks about how when people come over you take all your crap and throw it in a closet and them when they leave you to put the crap right back and don’t get rid of it. I know I can’t be the only one guilty of that!”

Caren Cooper: Wellness Consultant and Influencer


About The Author:

Jake B. Melton is a millennial speaker and change author, minimalist, and modern workforce expert. During his minimalist journey, Jake has learned how to focus his business, focus his clients’ businesses, and help others improve their lives by ridding the things that aren’t helping them progress.

He lives to help others find peace, happiness, and purpose by applying the principles of minimalism, simplicity, focus, and essentialism. Jake provides keynotes and workshops based on his change program, “Minimalize Your Life and Business.” He also provides one-on-one coaching to those in need of minimalizing and focusing their businesses and personal lives.

Be sure to contact or book Jake if you are in need of a speaker and consultant to actually help you make a positive change in your life and/or business to increase happiness and profits. He currently resides in Dallas, TX with his beautiful wife and two children.

JAKE’S MISSION TO HELP YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS: “MINIMALIZE TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT, TIME, PURPOSE, AND SUCCESS.” He wants to help you clear the clutter in your life and business, streamline processes, CUT THE CRAP in the workplace, and help you make MORE money with LESS resources.

His goal is to challenge his audiences by helping them embrace change, let go of the unnecessary, and inspire forward focus and progression. Visit to book him as your keynote speaker, schedule a one-on-one “minimalize your life or business” session, or book your next change seminar or workshop. More products and books will be coming your way!

Jake Melton is a minimalist with valuable expertise in simplicity, essentialism, and minimalism and how you can apply principles of these philosophies and LEVEL UP. Jake has crafted a program based on applying principles of minimalism and simplicity to one’s personal life and to the business world. His populating #CutTheCrap helps people find added happiness and success in their lives by cutting the crap that holds them back.

Jake is a motivational change speaker and simplicity author. He is Founder of The J.B. Melton Group, LLC.

Jake delivers special insight to ridding the unnecessary, negative, unused processes of your life and business to help you make MORE money with fewer resources. As he speaks to your audience, he helps business owners and human beings alike, find peace, reduce stress, increase organizational effectiveness, and embrace change in a demanding universe. He empowers people to minimalize and simplify their lives and find greater purpose and fulfillment in their businesses, families, teams, etc.

Jake finds joy in his family, kids’ successes, barbecue, theater, crime history and profiling, antiques, sports, the Los Angeles Lakers, and reading on the beach with a nice, cold glass of Diet Coke.

The author currently resides with his wife and two kids in Dallas, TX.

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A notebook size book which means easy to carry, and light. poor quality of printing (in some pages), especially at the end of the book, some pages are Off-Center. I liked the simple and minimalist cover design.

Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness 
Book is written in an inspiring way of teaching a lifestyle which represents of simplicity and having less stress about unnecessities in life or losing what you have collected as a luxury.

The concept of minimalism is more about being intentional on what you bring into your life which allows you to get rid of relationships which are unhealthy, and get rid of stuff and clutter that you don’t need in your life.

The author began with the definition (in his opinion) of the title of the book, which helped to understand his point of view better, then explained the misconception of minimalism to help the audience to better understand its true intent and purpose before deciding whether or not it’s the right journey for them.

This book is the autobiography and the lifestyle of the author as he explained he grow up with it and he claims its the reason for his happiness in personal life and success in business.

This book contains 6 sections of Cut the Crap in Your Life, Business, Relationships, Material Crap, Home, and Workplace. in each section, the author is trying to teach, how to identify, what is holding you back from happiness and success, with making examples of our everyday lives, asking you to cut those craps to find the freedom.

In the second section, the author is explaining how he was able to help businesses to find those craps and helped them to identify important tasks and focus on priorities which bring more value to their business. the result was, it freed them up from the time, effort, and possible expenses of having too many tasks.

The third section of the book, Cut the Crap in Your Relationships, as author defines this crap “as toxic to our blood” he teaches you how to identify this type of crap (poison) in your personal life and asks you to get rid of it since you are wasting your time and energy on something that would never make you happy.

(I am so thankful because I cut this crap many years ago in my life when I identified those craps in my relationship or friendship with people who had nothing to do with my happiness but they were causing me trouble and holding me back from being a successful entrepreneur.)

The other interesting section of the book is Cut the Crap in Your Workplace, I am %100 agree with the author by saying, many of us spend more time at work then we do at home, with some metrics, he explained how complicated a workplace could be especially from poor relationships, ineffective processes, misunderstanding, lack of respect, jealousy, selfishness, and we must be willing to cut out the things that cause work-related stress, toxic cultures, and unsafe work environments.

There’s a question: Is your boss making your life miserable? if yes, The author answer is: ask for help. Your boss might even be impressed with that and improves your relationship, or you might need to recognize what is going on, or getting a job somewhere else to start experiencing the happiness you deserve. don’t put up with it if you can’t solve this issue, then cut the crap.

As you have read above the author is a coach and business owner, he stayed professional and never used his book as a commercial material to advertise his services to the audience, although he made examples of problem-solving of the minimalizing method to his clients, which I found useful but not enough. I really hope in the next edition (if any) the author makes more examples of different situations and problems which minimalizing way as a simple method, could be the resolution for the problem solvingcutting the crap, facing happiness and way to success.

In the end, I’d like to thank Jake B Melton the author of the book, for giving the honor of reviewing his first book to me by providing the paperback and PDF version of the book in exchange for honest feedback.

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Did You Know: (Book Articles)

What is Minimalism, Then?

Minimalism is practiced by an individual human being. It is the responsibility of each person practicing minimalism to judge whether or not things, people, processes, attitudes, or actions are helping them achieve higher levels of happiness and success. If it helps you find freedom from guilt, negativity, stress, depression, and toxicity, then you are on your way to living a minimalistic lifestyle.

Yes, parts of minimalism are about getting rid of tangible things that occupy physical space, but it’s much deeper than just that. I will help empower you by identifying aspects of your life that you can cut out to find added harmony, joy, peace and happiness.


It’s human nature to seek after happiness.

We live our lives making everyday decisions that either add or subtract from our own level of happiness. As you read through this book, I want you to constantly consider this;
“What are you doing in your life to add to your happiness?” Likewise,
“What are you doing or not doing that may be taking away your potential happiness?”
Determine what crap you need to cut to eliminate whatever it is that isn’t supporting you in your journey to experiencing happiness.


I have always believed that a bad relationship is as toxic to our blood as injecting it with poison. Whether we think it or not, the emotional consequences our minds and bodies receive from dangerous, negative relationships can damage us just as badly as poison affects our physical bodies. Our mental and emotional well-being not only affects our relationship with depression, anger, resentment, guilt, and bitterness but like real poison, it affects our physical state as well.

…I did realize that many of those relationships I was trying so hard to maintain and correct were hugely affecting my mental, emotional, and physical health. I was adding fuel to my own fire. I was paying for a storage unit to store “crap” in my life. I was investing my time, hoping I’d eventually get some form of friendship in return, only to find out I wouldn’t.


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Editorial Reviews:


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Hans Rosling was a medical doctor, professor of international health and renowned public educator. He was an adviser to the World Health Organization and UNICEF and co-founded Médecins sans Frontières in Sweden and the Gapminder Foundation. His TED talks have been viewed more than 35 million times, and he was listed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. Hans died in 2017, having devoted the last years of his life to writing Factfulness.

Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Hans’s son and daughter-in-law, were co-founders of the Gapminder Foundation, and Ola its director from 2005 to 2007 and from 2010 to the present day. After Google acquired the bubble-chart tool called Trendalyzer, invented and designed by Anna and Ola, Ola became head of Google’s Public Data Team and Anna the team’s senior user experience (UX) designer. They have both received international awards for their work.






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