Weekly Book Giveaway Site That isn't Goodreads but 3ee.info

Weekly Book Giveaway Site That isn’t Goodreads but 3ee.info

Weekly Book Giveaway Site That isn’t Goodreads but 3ee.info, There are several well-known sites dedicated to trading books or Giveaways, Here are a few options:

For example, 3ee is a part of this community like booklookbloggers, to introduce young authors and their publications to the world of Book Lovers and Entrepreneurs, we receive our books from GoodReads, LibraryThing, OnlineBookClub, Penguin Random House, etc. to read and write our honest reviews, and of course, publish it in 3ee website, it will be great advertising for their publications/products in our well-known website.

When I win, I usually will receive an actual book (Paperback or Hard Cover), not an eBook, since I’m an old-school book lover, I don’t read books through computers or small-screen cell phones, but anybody can request eBooks with PDF, Kindle, Audible or different formats.

It’ll be a lot faster delivery and convenient for the author and you as a book reader. but sometimes some authors prefer to don’t ship the book and they will offer you just an electronic version of their publications.

Anyway, It’s nice to be involved in new tech, information, health, and so on and read a lot of books. 3ee is prepared to cooperate with Writers, Authors, and Book Publishing Companies to start giveaways to our visitors and members.

There is no friend as loyal as a book.


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