Hyperformance: Using Competitive Intelligence for Better Strategy and Execution

Hyperformance: Using Competitive Intelligence for Better Strategy and Execution

Hyperformance: Using Competitive Intelligence for Better Strategy and Execution Book by T. J. Waters, Review


About The Book:

Effective strategies for outsmarting the competition and driving better bottom-line results

In this groundbreaking book, T.J. Waters has turned his experience collecting and analyzing competitive intelligence for the CIA into effective strategies for businesses wanting to stay on the leading edge of their industries. The book describes a practical process from planning (identifying competitive threats and determining the resources needed to counter them) through implementation (creating an organizational strategy) to execution (collecting key information and turning it into bottom-line results). The book is filled with illustrative examples of companies from start-ups to multi-nationals that have used similar strategies successfully.

  • Offers a key resource for gaining competitive advantage in tough times
  • Outlines a proven strategy for planning, implementing, and executing a strategic plan for bottom-line results
  • Written by T.J. Waters who has combined his intelligence expertise with his years of business experience

This book clearly shows that it’s no longer a question of becoming the next Google, IBM, or Coca-Cola-it’s all about knowing what your competitors are doing.


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Praise for Hyperformance

“Waters has written an important, insightful work for anyone interested in developing meaningful competitive intelligence processes. This book connects the competitive intelligence process to business strategy, which is often a missing link.”
Gary E. Costley, chairman and CEO (retired), International Multifoods, Inc.

“Competitive intelligence will be critical for multinational companies to both succeed and survive in tomorrow’s fast-paced, global marketplace; the only thing more important will be to have executives and managers who know what it is, and how to use it! Waters’s new book, Hyperformance, addresses both issues effectively, in a very enjoyable and educational fashion.”
Jan Herring, advisor to intelligence professionals, Herring & Associates

“What a gem! Rich with insightful illustrations, Waters’s compelling narrative captures the essence of intelligent, strategic decision making. For those aspiring to build trust in their leadership, this book is a must!”
Bill Weber, former executive director, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

“The author has captured the essence of modern market dynamics and the information challenges faced by all corporate decision makers. A must-read, must-react study of the nature of competition and the information battlefield that will determine the winners in this century. Hyperformance is a front-to-back, business decision-making thrill ride.”
Eric D. Hemmer, president, Praxis Solutions, Inc.


About The Author:

TJ Waters is a spy-mystery novelist in St. Petersburg, Florida. He spent four years as a co-team chief in the intelligence operations for U.S. Special Operations Command. Prior to that he was a senior counterintelligence analyst for U.S. Central Command and spent three years under cover for the Central Intelligence Agency. Before joining government service he was Vice President for an intelligence-consulting firm serving Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, and military units.

TJ has over twenty-five articles or speaking engagements on intelligence, competition, and strategy. He’s been featured in the New York Law Journal, the Wall Street Journal, and on the cover of Government Executive Magazine, as well as on numerous talk radio programs nationwide.  More can be found on his website at tjwaters.com.




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