Stoicism The Art of Living a Modern Stoic and Happy Life Now

Stoicism: The Art of Living a Modern Stoic and Happy Life Now

Stoicism: The Art of Living a Modern Stoic and Happy Life Now by William Grandhill, Book Review, and Summary


About The Book:

It is natural for us to believe in something — anything — that could help us get closer to what we have always wanted. Even to the most logical and practical of people, believing in something usually helps. Every day, many of us wake up to seek happiness. Many of us have the same goal of acquiring more of what we already have — whether it is wealth, knowledge, relationships, or something else.

More and more people are becoming aware of the Stoic philosophy and are now enjoying every moment of their lives through the wisdom passed on by the great sages thousands of years ago. Stoicism can help you live life to your fullest potential without worries and remorse from your past, your present in this modern society, and your future as an individual who can contribute a lot to society.

In this book, you will learn about what it means to be Stoic and how you can integrate Stoicism into your life. There are specific tips on how to use Stoic principles to have a thriving career, good health, and harmonious relationships. You will uncover actionable tips and techniques such as the Five Why’s technique and the View from Above technique. These will enable you to cope and know your true self.

The limits of the key principles of Stoicism emanate from the contrast between the events of our lives dictated by fate, as well as the inner freedom that we can cultivate. If that sounds too New Age to you, let us put it this way: There are things that we can control, and there are things that we cannot. That is why Stoicism has its limits. However, Stoics will also allow you to manage those limits and have a magnificent life despite such limits. Followers of Stoicism believe that the majority of things are beyond our control.

This includes the movement of nature, the opinions of other people, our public image, and even the amount of money we earn. We can influence these things in one way or another by our responses, but they are external things that we cannot totally control. On the other hand, our goals, desires, judgments, opinions, are the things that we can completely control. Notice that these things are within our minds.

  • Here Is a Preview of What You Will Learn:
    The Origins of Stoicism
    Fundamental Philosophies of Stoicism
    The Cardinal Virtues of Stoicism
    Stoic Tools and Techniques
    Practical Applications of Stoicism in Modern Life
    Much, much more!

The first step to achieve a healthier life ultimately starts with your mindset and your mental health. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to live a virtuous and purposeful life by embracing the Ancient yet practical philosophy of Stoicism.


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