KEEP IT SIMPLE SELLING The Comprehensive Auto Sales Training Manual By Damian Boudreaux Book Review


About The Book:

The automotive business is a gold mine; “Keep It Simple Selling” teaches how to tap into that gold with shortcuts that anyone can master and turn into massive income opportunities. The automotive business is a gold mine. Not just for some. For anyone who wants to reach massive success, it can happen. This industry is incredible.

It doesn’t matter if you sell cars or trucks or motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if you sweep the floors or wash the cars or file paperwork in the office. In this industry, you have the ability to advance as far as you want to. There’s no barrier to entry, and there’s no glass ceiling. Your raise becomes effective when you do. There are thousands of success stories out there. Like the kid who started as a driver delivering parts at age 19 and now he’s the service director.

Or the guy who started out selling motorcycles and is now the general manager of a huge Toyota store. How about the waiter at the restaurant who was invited to sell cars and is now a partner in several dealerships? Or the 16-year-old girl who had to leave high school and get a job because she got pregnant? She started out answering phones and running errands for the office, and now she runs the office, making $250,000 a year.

There’s also the gentleman who got into this business as a parts picker. He didn’t have much education, no high school diploma, and today he’s the founder of one of the top dealer groups in the country. There’s the used car salesman who is now a mega-dealer. And finally, there’s the newly single mother of two who was hired for the Internet department and is now the F&I director. Anything is possible. There are no boundaries. Or me—Damian Boudreaux.

I started out changing oil and washing parts in my friend’s transmission shop part-time in the evenings. I didn’t have any grand ambitions at the time; I was just grateful to have a job so I could pay my rent. Before too long, I became one of the top sellers in the region, and now I train others how to be more successful in sales and in life.

I didn’t expect that. I didn’t plan for that. It happened, though. It happened for two reasons: It happened because I figured out who I was and how I could just be myself all the time. And it happened because I started caring more about people than my paycheck. My mantra for massive success The business of our business is people.

And the key to massive success is being who you are at your best, and then figuring out how to take care of others. Master this, and you will be profitable and proud of your way of life. No matter where you are right now in your life, no matter what your current job is, the key to the future of your dreams lies in mastering who you are at your best, learning how to do your job better than anybody else, and figuring out how to help others.

It sounds simple, right? Be yourself. Do a good job. Serve others. Easy. You got this! So, if it’s really that simple, then what’s the problem? Why are there so many people failing to achieve the success they desire and deserve? Why aren’t you experiencing the massive success you dream of?

Keep It Simple Selling” is all about shortcuts! Let’s make selling cars easier. . . Let’s make selling trucks faster. . . And for heaven’s sake, let’s make it fun!

Imagine for a moment how it would feel if you could sell cars just by being yourself and finding ways to serve others naturally and easily. How would your life be different if sales opportunities continuously dropped out of the sky and into your lap, with no stress or struggle? Would you like to sell 80 percent of the people you talk to every day?

The automotive business is a gold mine. Not just for a few natural salespeople—for anyone. In this industry, anyone can advance as far as they want. There’s no barrier to entry, and there’s no glass ceiling. Your raise becomes effective when you do.

Damian Boudreaux started out cleaning parts in his friend’s transmission shop. From there, he tried and stumbled and tried again to sell more cars than the month before. It wasn’t until he began to open his eyes and pay attention to the people around him that he understood what it really takes to succeed in the automotive business. The lessons he learned during his journey to becoming a consistently top-selling salesman are humbling and inspiring at the same time.


Editorial Reviews:

“Damian’s unique way of teaching people in the automotive industry is brilliant. His ability to communicate and connect, along with his simple techniques about relationship selling, solving, and serving is exactly what people need to be successful and proud of what they do every day.”
-Bob Mohr, President, Mohr, and Associates


About The Author:

Damian Boudreaux is the President and Founder of Auto Training Academy. For over three decades as a top-performing sales professional, international trainer, and speaker, he has shared proven strategies that make success in the automotive industry a natural outcome. Damian’s firm has a track record in helping car salespeople consistently perform at their next level, frequently selling over 40 vehicles a month.






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