The Fashion Intruder Review Book by Roma E. Black

The Fashion Intruder Book by Roma E. Black Review

The Fashion Intruder: A real page-turner for all fashion, ballet and football lovers from a posh attorney ranked in the Chambers and Partners Book by Roma E. Black, Book Review


About the Book:

The Fashion Intruder Book by Roma E. Black, a posh attorney ranked in the Chambers and Partners, who loves fashion and IT, here comes a novel about fighting for your deepest dreams, leaving all behind, and starting all over.

This summer you will discover how to fashionably quit a job, fall in love and give yourself a chance to realize your deeply buried dreams.

The Fashion Intruder will take you to the world of fashion and ballet dancers from La Scala, at the same time giving you an insight into the real world of a large legal corporation.

Italian art, French chic, English football, and a Russian approach to business will quickly lead you through Intruder’s pages. But the book gives you more, it shows that we are imprisoned only by fear created in our minds, which stops us from realizing our dreams.


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The Fashion Intruder Review Book by Roma E. Black
The Fashion Intruder Review Book by Roma E. Black


About The Author:

Roma E. Black is an experienced attorney. Once the youngest head of department in an American legal office, today she splits her time between fashion and writing. She adores ballet dancers and is still wondering who she loves more, Roberto Bolle or Sergei Polunin. Three years ago she wouldn’t have been able to name any single footballer but David Beckham, these days, however, she would have no problem listing all the Manchester United players. Whenever she’s away from Italy, her heart cries for the Eternal City. She’s currently working on a screenplay and part two of The Fashion Intruder.

“The Fashion Intruder” is in a way my own story: I’m a successful attorney but I wouldn’t say it’s my world. What has always intrigued me is fashion and I know everything about it; I feel as if it’s been in my blood forever. Other elements that define me are my loves for Italy and ballet.

Sofia has her own portal, which offers her brand new opportunities, I in turn have my Fashion Intruder. Sofia and I are also highly determined, a factor that enables us to achieve our goals regardless of the obstacles – of which Sofia encounters many.
Sofia’s story begins innocently, among the dreamy landscapes of Rome: the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.
I will take you on a journey across four different worlds: law, football, ballet, and the one connecting them all – fashion.
The atmosphere? It will be hot, because of good sex, as both a top male ballet dancer and Premier League footballer are head over heels in love with Sofia.
In the background, we touch upon the story of a long-time competition between Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, which adds piquancy to the tale and lets the reader become part of the big and famous fashion war.






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