Spike Up the Fat-Burning Hormone Somatotropin by Dr. Angelica Chege

Spike Up the Fat-Burning Hormone Somatotropin by Dr. Angelica Chege

Dr. Angelica Chege, an endocrinologist, a Russian nutrition expert: The body produces the hormone somatotropin until midnight, which burns fat.

Spike Up the Fat-Burning Hormone Somatotropin by Dr. Angelica Chege. She told doctorpiter.ru that the body produces the fat-burning hormone somatotropin until midnight and it is absolutely not necessary to go to sleep on an empty stomach.

She says: “In order for the body to produce this hormone, two steps are required: the first step is to eat two boiled egg whites before going to bed, and the second step is to go to bed before eleven o’clock at night. In the morning the scale will reveal to you that the weight has decreased by 300 grams.”

According to “Russia Today”, the specialist revealed the foodstuffs that should not be dispensed with, even in the case of a certain diet.

The first of these substances are those that contain proteins: chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and non-fatty meats; Because these substances are necessary for strengthening bones, strengthening the immune system, improving the condition of the skin, and producing hormones.

She added: We must also not forget the fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals rich in dietary fiber.

This particular fiber is responsible for the normal functioning of the digestive system, maintaining a sense of satiety, and preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer patients. The water balance in the body must also be taken care of.


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