$1 web hosting review

Godaddy $1 Web Hosting Review

It was just 2 nights ago 6/17/2018 that I purchased the domain 3ee.info and I was looking for affordable web hosting that of course google ads took me to GoDaddy advertisement for just $1 per month web hosting.
I usually don’t like cheap offers but as I was chatting with their customer service rep, and I explained how tight my hand was to pay for a good deal, He turned me down for a free trial or different payment options that I could do.

Finally, I started with their economy plan which I paid $12 for 12 months until this Friday I get paid and I can buy a better deal. but is it really worth it or it’s just a pain? as you can imagine it’s not worth it and let’s review my last night’s experiences about Email, Backup, Security, etc.

Seems Godaddy has a good Email Marketing plugin that works nice, but not in this deal!

Godaddy $1 hosting review

as you can tell I was really disappointed, by seeing one of the greatest tools won’t work for me and I have to pay extra to take advantage of it.

but how about Email itself? this company offers Office 360 Email in most of their deal for free for a year or so.(up to their offer)

$1 web hosting review

1 usd web hosting

Well, it looks like I did make a bad decision, LOL.
as you can tell if I want to take advantage of the Office 360 Email, I need to pay extra. $6.99 per month, and then after my contract is up I have to pay $14.99. and you cannot change your mind.

But it’s not the end… scroll down
The security of your website and hijacking and hacking the information, especially if you’re running an online market is really important. just imagine your customers are using their credit card or banking information to purchase your service or products, and suddenly something happens to your website, and all those information is being hacked.
as you can see below, these screenshots are telling us how unsafe is this deal, except you don’t have anything to lose which I doubt.

Godaddy economy hosting review

Godaddy web hosting review

Well, what comes after security for you?
The most important service to me is Back up, if you have a personal website and nothing to worry about, you need to make sure that your server is backing you and your website up.
Obviously, I don’t have an automated backup service until I pay extra for it.

back up in $1 web hosting


Like as I said, It was not a bad deal to start for about a week, at least I built my website up and running.
But I really don’t suggest it, especially that you cannot get other deals with discounts as soon as you choose this economical one.

this Friday, I’ll get paid (Yayy) and I will get a good web host then you guys can take advantage of my offers for web designing and web hosting as well.
Great Price, High Security, Best customer experience

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