Millionaire Success Habits Book by Dean Graziosi Review

Millionaire Success Habits Book by Dean Graziosi Review

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi

About The Book:

Millionaire Success Habits The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi
Millionaire Success Habits The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by the Legendary business coach and entrepreneur Dean Graziosi takes you from where you are in life to where you want to be, using simple tools to reshape daily routines and open new doors to prosperity–whether you’re a fellow entrepreneur, an employee or executive, or a new grad in your first job.

Millionaire Success Habits is a book designed with one purpose in mind: to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life, by incorporating easy-to-implement “Success Habits” into your daily routine. This book is not about adding more time to your day. It is about replacing those things that are not serving your future with success habits designed specifically to assist you on your journey to a better you. Millionaire Success Habits has broken down the walls of complexity around success and created simple success recipes that you can quickly put to use in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire.




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Millionaire Success Habits, Reviews

Millionaire Success Habits is a book designed with one purpose in mind; to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life, by using easy to implement “Success Habits” into your daily routine.

“Dean Graziosi has the unique ability to take what others make so complicated and boil it down
to a recipe for success that anyone can follow.”
— Larry King.

“In this book, there are amazing recipes to get the life you want faster, easier, and with less stress.
Read it and live rich!”
— David Bach

“In this incredibly inspiring book, Dean Graziosi gives us the key to greater happiness, wealth, and freedom. A must-read.”
– Brendon Burchard


About The Author:

Dean Robert Graziosi
Dean Robert Graziosi

Dean Robert Graziosi is a well-known American entrepreneur, marketer, success coach, business owner, real estate investor, and leading trainer throughout the world. He has appeared daily on U.S. television for nearly 15 years and is highly respected as a top businessman, inspirational speaker, and author of several New York Times best-selling books. Graziosi is perhaps best known for his long-running interview-style TV shows and for becoming the leading real estate educator in the world.

He has reached viewers in the United States and around the world numbering in the millions. He has written five books, which have dominated the success, business, and real estate book sales space since 2006, with his best-selling book amassing over 1,000,000 copies sold. Dean has touched the lives of millions of people around the world with his powerful messages and remarkable education, with his social media profiles reaching millions and millions of people weekly.




Did you know (Book Articles):


“Who are the people that when we’re around them we feel more alive? Who are the people that make us feel more energized, more fulfilled, and more confident? These are the people we must gravitate towards for progression. But you see, the truth is that there are also toxic people in our lives working against our progression. Imagine you’re on a train, and in your compartment is your family and your close friends.

Suddenly you look to your right and you find that a handful of toxic people, people who are draining your motivation and your drive have somehow found themselves in your compartment. What can you do now? There is only one thing you can do, and that is to politely let them off at the next station. I believe the people in our lives who are negative, competitive, jealous, etc. can really drain our energy and our confidence.”
~Arianna Huffington, interview with Dean Graziosi

So who exactly is the villain within? Well, the villain within can disguise itself as many different things, in many people’s lives. But no matter what form it takes, we all have it somewhere inside. To most of us, it’s that self-doubt, that inner voice saying “you can’t do this” or “what makes you think you deserve that?” And in so many cases it holds you back from taking the proper actions to move your life in a better direction. It’s that inner resistance that in the past talked you out of pursuing the things that made your heart smile and helped you reach that next level of life.

I call it a villain because it’s sneaky and up to no good. It hides in the back of your mind, and you don’t even realize it exists. And the worst part about this inner villain is that, in most cases, external factors in your life that seemed innocuous created this villain. We’ll address these factors soon. You may not realize it, but this villain has created a glass ceiling—an artificial limit on what you can achieve and who you can be. And what’s even worse, once that villain is inside of you, it is anchored down by multiple internal factors that prevent its escape.

You may sometimes find yourself wondering why you’re working faster, your life is going by quicker, and you’re ultimately working harder than ever before, but you haven’t found that next level of life. And the simple explanation is: You have a villain working against you and you don’t even know it. The good news: We’re going to expose it once and for all.


Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

I once heard a fable about a Navajo woman who told her grandson a story about how we all have two wolves that live inside of us, constantly battling one another. It starts with the grandmother sitting her grandson down and explaining to him that “One of the wolves is jealous, has envy in his soul, is malicious, and has a scarcity mindset. To that wolf, everything in the world is wrong and unpleasant. He believes that people are mostly bad, things are no good, and that the world is a cold place. As you can imagine, nothing good ever happens for that wolf because it is a negative, pessimistic animal, always seeing things as glass-half-empty.”

Then the woman says to her grandson, “But you also have a different, powerful wolf that lives inside of you. This wolf has empathy, love, compassion, positivity, and knows it can accomplish anything it puts its heart and soul into. This wolf sees the bright side of everything and constantly sees things glass-half-full. And grandson, this wolf, the powerful wolf, can take you to so many amazing places.” Then the grandson looks at his grandmother and says, “Well, which wolf wins the battle, grandma?” She replies, “The one you feed, grandson. The one you feed.”

I love this story because it is so applicable to all of our lives. We all have the bad wolf, or the villain, as I call it, living inside of us, but we also have this hero just waiting to be released. Here, I’ll help you learn how to expose the villain hiding inside you, discover how it got there, and proceed to destroy it. Because in so many cases, once it’s gone, you can’t even begin to imagine how much more you will be able to accomplish in your professional and personal life.


The Villain Is A Parasite

A few years back, a man went to a third-world country in South America to volunteer for a worthy cause, helping those in need. After his emotional journey, he arrived back in the States filled with gratitude and ready to kick his own life into high gear. But shortly after the trip, he started feeling sluggish and a bit weak and sick. He was in his 50’s and he simply assumed the cause was aging, and it was something he just needed to start accepting. Over the next few weeks, he stopped doing certain activities that he loved. He stopped playing with his recreational basketball team and being active in the community, and he started to try to process the new thoughts of an aging man.

What he didn’t realize is that when he was in the jungles of South America helping out families in need, he was infected with a dangerous parasite. And from that moment on, this parasite was living inside of him, feeding off of him. Every minute of every day it was robbing him of nutrients, sapping his energy, and diminishing his quality of life. He simply had no idea something was living inside of him, holding him back from his full potential. However, he eventually went to the doctor, found out about the parasite, got the right medicine, and the parasite was gone for good. This man appreciated life once again. In fact, he appreciated it even more so after this experience. With a new perspective on life, he felt like he could accomplish anything!

Why do I tell you this story? Because the villain that I spoke of earlier in the chapter is, to all intents and purposes, a parasite that is living inside of you. No, it’s not robbing you of your nutrients or feeding off of your body, but it’s taking away from the quality of life you deserve! It’s decreasing your confidence, your joy, your inspiration, and ultimately your passion for life. So I’m going to show you how it was created and how to destroy it, plain and simple! This chapter will be like going to the doctor and getting medication to destroy the self-doubt and the pessimistic voice that has made you miss opportunities.

If we don’t flush this villain from your system immediately, it will continue to do damage. And even worse, it will continue to erode your confidence. And we all know that reduced confidence hampers your ability to move in a better direction. When was the last time you made a great move, made a sale, had a great date, got a promotion, or started something new when your confidence was in the toilet? Probably never. Think about your best days, best sales, and best dates; they happened when your confidence was high and all things seemed possible! By identifying the toxicity living inside of you, then flushing it, you will restore your confidence. And this is just the start. As I explain to you how this villain was created and sustained, I’m also going to give you strategies that will show you how to kill it off, piece by piece. So let’s start identifying it right now and allow you to discover its origins.


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