How to Get Hired book by Michael A Harrison Review

How to Get Hired book by Michael A Harrison Review

How to Get Hired: An Insider’s Guide to Applications, Interviews and Getting the Job of Your Dreams by Michael A. Harrison


About The Book:

How to Get Hired, An Insider’s Guide to Applications, Interviews, and Getting the Job of Your Dreams is available now!

Are you ready for your next career move but want to get ahead of the competition? Most people watch others climb the career ladder and assume they must possess a natural talent that only a lucky few are blessed with. The truth is that the skills needed to get ahead of 99% of other candidates can be learned, and practice can transform anyone’s chances of securing the job of their dreams.

Whether you are looking for your first job or searching for your next board level position, this step-by-step guide will teach you:

  • How to identify the right jobs for you

  • How to understand the basic documents that are used in the recruitment process

  • How to write applications, CVs, and cover letters

  • How to prepare yourself ahead of an interview

  • How to anticipate what questions you will be asked at the interview so you can prepare answers in advance

  • How to develop and deliver presentations at interview

  • How to read the verbal and non-verbal cues common in interviews

  • How to negotiate and accept a job offer

  • How to receive post-interview feedback


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About The Author:

Michael A. Harrison is a manager and director who has worked both in the UK and USA. He has significant experience in recruiting staff across a broad range of job roles and levels. While studying for his MBA, Michael learned the essential skills needed to navigate the recruitment process successfully and has been developing and sharing these skills ever since.

Michael A. Harrison originally trained and worked as a pharmacist, before moving into management after completing his MBA in Boston, Massachusetts. He now works as a director, sitting on the board of two companies, and spends his spare time writing and supporting job seekers to navigate the recruitment process. He lives with his family near Cambridge, UK. His website is dedicated to helping people to gain the essential skills needed to find their next job.






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