Building Your Ultimate Body Guide Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain by Bill Campbell Review

Building Your Ultimate Body Guide eBook Review

Building Your Ultimate Body Guide: Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain by Dr. Bill Campbell, eBook Review

About The Book:

Building Your Ultimate Body Guide Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Building Your Ultimate Body Guide Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Building Your Ultimate Body Guide Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain. Are you new to the gym?

Are you looking to shred fat whilst you build muscle? Whether you’re looking for a place to start – or the motivation to kickstart a new training regime, Bill Campbell’s ‘Building Your Ultimate Body Guide’ is for you!

This guide is guaranteed to deliver results and transform your body in as little as 12 weeks, whilst allowing you to maintain your day-to-day lifestyle. Whether you are training from home or a commercial gym, this guide has you covered.

There are over 7 different programs to choose from, no matter your location or training experience. For less than the cost of just one personal training session, you can unlock the tried, tested, and scientifically proven training and nutrition methodologies from one of the world’s leading fitness experts, Dr. Bill Campbell.

1. The Latest, Cutting Edge Science
This guide is not just about a program, it is about giving you an education that can help impact the rest of your life when it comes to diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

2. The Ultimate Body Nutrition System
Understand the science of macronutrients, learn how to calculate your calories for fat loss, muscle gain, or maintenance, along with the importance of protein anchoring and flexible eating.

3. 12 Week Training Programs
With over 7 programs to choose from, we have you covered whether you are a beginner, advanced, or training at home or from a commercial gym.

4. Exercise Video & Coaching Library
Over 70+ detailed exercise videos where Bill coaches you on how to execute all the movements in the guide, along with photos and cues if you don’t have time to watch the videos.


Editorial Reviews:

Having been in the fitness industry for almost two decades, it is not often I am impressed by people whom I consider to be true ‘masters’ in their field Bill Campbell is just that, a modern-day fitness industry master.

I have been blessed to learn from just about every expert in nutrition, training, and athletic performance globally over the last 20 years, either in person in my formative personal training (PT) days, or more recently online. I continue to be, as always, an avid health and fitness enthusiast myself. All too often in the evidence-based crowd, we can get access to content that, although relevant to the latest nutrition and training science, is not practical enough for the average fitness professional, let alone the general public, to apply themselves.

Bill has this amazing ability to integrate the latest scientific information into practical tools that you can easily implement yourself. When I initially spoke to Bill about creating a guide to help people get into the best shape of their life, I didn’t think I would end up becoming a ‘client’ of it. If you are interested in Building Your Ultimate Body and keeping it, I cannot recommend this guide enough. I will see you out there in the trenches doing the workouts. Let’s do this!
—Daine McDonald Founder & CEO / Clean Health


About The Author:

Bill Campbell, PhD. Physique & Exercise Science Professor
Bill Campbell, Ph.D. Physique & Exercise Science Professor

Dr. Bill Campbell is one of the world’s leading physique scientists. He is a professor of exercise science and director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida.

He has devoted his entire professional career to decipher the best nutrition and exercise programs to help people optimize their bodies within a maintainable lifestyle.

  • 20 year’s experience
  • 200 scientific papers published
  • 3 textbooks published
  • 20 book chapters published
  • Thousands of bodies transformed




My Review:

I have read several Health and fitness books and I’ve been lifting weights since 2008. I have received 3 sports nutrition, and fitness-related certificates. When I noticed Dr. Campbell is about to publish his first public book I was so excited and requested to review it. Thanks for your generosity and trust.  


This is an E-book and currently is not available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Audiobook. The publisher is offering this guidebook for USD $57.00 only on their website and it’s not available on Amazon neither. There are so many people such as Colin Shaw (Author) who Amazons things instead of Google, and it would be a good idea to have this, sold on Amazon in different versions as well as the publisher’s website. 


Building Your Ultimate Body Guide: Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain written by Dr. Bill Campbell who is one of the world’s leading fitness experts. The author claims he has spent his entire professional life trying to figure out the best nutrition and exercise programs to help people optimize their physiques within a maintainable lifestyle. This guidebook was first published by Clean Health (based in Australia) in 188 pages on August 2021. 

This eBook includes 12 chapters and 3 chapters contain about %77 of this resource. The Building Your Ultimate Body Guide, is guaranteed to deliver results and transform your body within 3-months by teaching you the principles, nutrition system, and exercise programs by incorporating storytelling (client’s scenarios) and scientific information. 


  1. Foreword byDaineMcDonald, Founder of Clean Health
    2. About The Author, Bill Campbell Ph.D
    3. About Clean Health
    4. Introduction
    5. Ultimate Physique Core Principles
    6. Nutrition System Fundamentals
    7. Your Ultimate Body Program
    8. Conclusion
    9. More Information
    10. Ultimate Physique Exercise Library
    11. Guide Templates
    12. References 

This eBook is for both men and women, amateurs and competitors who want to burn fat and build muscle, written in simple language and easy to grasp.  

 In chapter 2, the author gives the peace-of-mind to women who are fearful of resistance training and building too much muscle, lose the feminine look in a short time, and advise them in order to consequently reduce the risk of osteoporosis (common in females) the need to exercise and lift weights. 

The author advice to track your progress on the downloadable biofeedback tracker tool and the correct way of taking pictures, Girth Measurements, to estimating your body fat percentage, along with a few examples of both men and women in pictures(easy way to guess), but failed to reference the page 87 which is the format of Estimating Body Composition from Body Fat Percentage, and mentioning the advantage of using available websites and mobile apps which are so convenient, like what he suggested to calculate Macros. 

While this guidebook is a quick read with elements of repetition, this seems purposeful with the intent of driving points home. The reader will come away realizing that short-term, or long-term goals are not enough to achieve their goals. Changing Lifestyles, Exercise plans, nutrition(macronutrients), and rest must become ingrained as daily habits. Introducing the pillars of achieving your goal and focusing on Lifestyle as the most important core principle, and breaking it down to 3 characteristics of 1. Sleep and Recovery, 2. Stress Reduction and 3. Mindset, explaining the effects and how to control each, was really helpful since changing the lifestyle is supposed to be permanent rather than Nutrition and Exercise that will change or could be missed easily. 

The main purpose of this eBook is to help you to build your ultimate body with correct macronutrients and resistance training, although the author recommends Walking at least 7,000 steps/day as your aerobic exercise, he didn’t mention the calories you could burn with 7000 steps (depends on different factors) and or why 7,000 steps is recommended. While the author is acknowledging the effect of aerobic (cardio) exercises in losing weight, He’s against other aerobics exercises without mentioning the straight reason. 

Written explanations of the various exercises, with training videos, take you step-by-step through each process. This guide book Is a great resource of macronutrients, source of daily energy, timing, and meal preparing advice, but in today’s world athletes (beginners and pros) could fail to prepare their meals for the day and week ahead, which the author is aware of and admitting, that would be a great idea to have a few sports and nutrition supplements covered, and also some information regarding the rule of hormones in both men and women such as testosterone in a male could make it way more interesting for readers and athletes.  

In the end, I’d like to thank the author “Dr. Bill Campbell“, and the Clean Health Co, for providing a copy of this amazing E-book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I hope this benefits everyone. 

Building Your Ultimate Body Guide: Your Evidence-Based Blueprint For Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain is highly recommended as every part of this ebook is backed by the latest science and experienced fitness trainers, and it offers free downloadable tools such as a biofeedback tracker, exercise plans for every schedule and comes with video training to how to perform the correct workouts. 

I would appreciate any feedback and recommendations on my review. 


Did You Know: (Book Articles)

Estimating Body Composition from Body Fat Percentage

Body composition can be assessed in a research laboratory, a commercial fitness gym, or in your own home. There are many different methods that are used to assess body composition. The simplest and easiest way to approximate your body composition is to use a bodyweight scale (bathroom scale) that includes a body fat percentage measurement. If you can measure your body fat percentage, you can easily calculate how much body fat and lean body mass you have.

For example, if you weigh 132 pounds, and your body fat percentage is 18%, you need to perform one calculation to determine how much of your body weight is comprised of body fat and an additional calculation to determine how much of your body weight is comprised of lean body mass.

To calculate your body fat, you multiply your body weight (which is 132 pounds) by your body fat percentage (which is 18%) divided by 100:

Body fat in pounds: 132 x (18/100) > 132 x 0.18 = 23.7 pounds fat mass

To calculate your lean body mass, you take your body fat (23.7 pounds) and subtract that from your body weight (132 pounds):

Lean body mass in pounds: 132 – 23.7 = 108.3 pounds lean body mass

If you weigh 68kg, and your body fat percentage is 11%, you calculate your body fat by multiplying your body weight (68 kg) by your body fat percentage (11%) divided by 100:

Body fat in kg: 68 x (11/100) > 68 x 0.11 = 7.5 kg fat mass

To calculate your lean body mass, you take your body fat (7.5 kg) and subtract that from your body weight (68 kg):

Lean body mass in kilograms: 68 – 7.5 = 60.5 kg lean body mass



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