Manage Your Career in Sales - Goal Setting by Joe Verde

Manage Your Career in Sales – Goal Setting by Joe Verde

Manage Your Career in Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople by Joe Verde, Book Review


About The Book:

Fact: If you set goals right, your sales will improve. Only 3% of salespeople & managers set goals correctly. Goal setting is the most important skill 97% of us are never taught. Selling cars will be the highest paying, the easiest work you’ll ever do… Or selling cars will be one of the lowest paying, hardest jobs you’ll ever have!

The difference will be Goal Setting – with clear goals and a plan, you’ve set yourself up for success. You don’t even need rocket science to figure out why. When you wing it every day, you’ve set yourself up for failure. With clear goals and a plan, you’ve set yourself up for success. Get Joe’s book and follow his proven process and learn how to set goals correctly to control your unit sales, your income, and your career.


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About The Author:

Joe Verde is the President of Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc., and is the leader in the automotive dealer, management, and sales training worldwide. Joe Verde is the people’s choice, hands down, and is in constant demand to speak around the world to automotive groups, including speaking 25 times at the NADA Annual Convention.

Since 1985, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. has focused on “Leadership First” with its exclusive formula for success, taught in its automotive retail sales and management workshops. Introduced in 2005, and now with over 18 million training chapters taken, the online Joe Verde Training Network® is a valuable tool used by dealers, managers, and salespeople so they can improve their sales, gross, and SSI.

JVTN® has become the most important in-house virtual training resource in the industry. Joe Verde’s best-selling books include Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources In Your Dealership, A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery And Growth, How To Sell A Car Today, Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars, and Get Everything You Want In Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople. Joe Verde develops leaders, teaching them how to build great selling organizations to sell more units, earn a more net profit, satisfy every customer, and retain customers for life, in every department of the dealership.

Beware of the imposter who will promise
they can teach you everything I’ve just covered.
Don’t waste your time and save your money.
If they really could, they would have written this book.
– Joe Verde

My Review: 

I recently switched jobs and received this book from Jason (Finance Advisor) to read and improve my skills, I’d like to thank him for acknowledging my hard work and his generosity.

Nice cover design, good paper, and printing quality.

Manage Your Career In Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople 5th edition was written by Joe Verde, The title really helps define the content as it’s written for sales professionals who need to have a Short and long-term plan to succeed in the automotive industry. the author began with a message and emphasizing the importance of goal setting by telling a short story of his experience in 1st 5 years in the car business, and the impact of goal setting in your career, continued by mentioning Zig Ziglar and dedicating the book to this legend who had changed Joe’s life. 

This book is non-fiction business resource and training material in which the Author incorporated the autobiography, storytelling (some chapters), and questioning (Collaborating) methods of teaching and writing. It contains 17 chapters and is well written, easy to grasp for people in the Automotive sales industry.

At the beginning of the book, the author’s general manager has written a short biography about Joe Verde, then you’ll read “why to read a book on goal settings?” written by Joe to emphasize more on his story and the impact of it in his success.

The challenge in this book is to learn how to use goal-setting to consistently and continually improve. He compared Goal Setting to the closest thing to real magic and calls it the best-kept secret in the world. He proofs his claim with, the continuous success requires 4 things:

• The skills to do the job
• Clear goals with clear action plans
• A burning desire to succeed
• The discipline to follow your plan

The author believes in Goal Setting as the main reason to succeed and covers how a car salesman can grow his business and earn more! He uses a “Tax Refund” report (no details) as a reference to explain what percentage of US people set goals, what percentage have no goals at all, and what percentage of them are on the right path and will see their success.

He offers simple steps of starting your Goal Setting such as daydreaming or writing down your wishes which should be realistic, clear and comes with logical short and long-term plans that he teaches his audience as they continue reading. there is a lot of great advice such as common mistakes, keywords, questions to ask yourself, types of goals, the length of the plan, how to manage, shortcuts, and more, but sometimes the lack of reference or resources is obvious.

In later chapters, the author introduces some tools to track, manage and improve your skills that have to be bought from or subscribed to his company. This informative and knowledgeable book turned into a boring and distracting book which made it look like a commercial material and a manual of computer software as he introduced his CRM and VSA.

  • Page 34
    To get from 10 to 20, just make 10 of those 5-minute calls every day and follow the steps and the words exactly that are in our Referral Script.
    Also, go to Service each day and meet just 2 people and use our Service Survey Script exactly the way we teach it.

An unrealistic example of motivation or proof of his claim is on page 20 when he mentions,

Do some people literally double or triple their sales or income overnight? and the answer is: Absolutely, we see it happen all the time, to people in our workshops and who are on JVTN®.

Then on page 28, you’ll read a comment from one of his trainees that he improved his sales “From 12 to 25 a month 90 days after class!”.

In the end, I’d like to thank Jason, our F&I advisor for acknowledging my hard work and being willing to help me grow and see my success.



Did You Know: (Book Articles)

– From my background, I have always been able to work longer and harder than most people. Living on a farm is an everyday job; before school, after school, and during summers while everybody else has fun. You have no choice. Vietnam was the same thing. You had no choice – long hard days, one right after the other.

What I learned from Ziglar and the others is that no matter how hard you work, only a very small percentage of people ever make it to the top. 97% miss out on the real success they could have because they lack clear goals. Or as W. Clement Stone would say, they lack a ‘definiteness of purpose’ (aka no clear goals).

Is it goal setting – or is it magic?

Goal setting is the best-kept secret in the world and it’s the closest thing to real magic there could be. It’s simple, and it’s powerful. You figure out what you want, then write a very detailed plan on how you’ll get it, and then presto – if you just follow your plan, 94% of the time you get whatever it was you wanted.

I honestly never thought about setting a goal until I learned from all of those great leaders in sales, business and success. I only had one goal on the farm – escape. I didn’t set a goal to be promoted when I was in the Army, I just worked hard. And I certainly had no goals my first time in the car business.

-Goal setting is a choice.

The results are indisputable – the people who choose to set clear goals, create plans, and follow their plans – achieve higher levels of success and earn more money than those who choose not to.

Goal setting works when you do it right. Because it does, that means you can choose to set goals the right way and be rewarded, or you can choose to go through life without them.

Most people in the world will never realize they have this choice in life. You do though – so choose ‘goal setting’ and accomplish virtually everything you want in sales, income, and in life.

If you’re unsure of the real potential in this business and if you’re not sure it’s worth all of this trouble, order my book, “Earn Over $100,000 Every Year Selling Cars” (the information on how to order is in the back of this book) – or take the course on JVTN®.

-Track all of your lead generation activities.

The secret (and shortcut) to becoming a high achiever is to stop waiting for your dealer to supply you with those tough-to-close walk-in prospects. Instead, set clear goals to make sure you have people walking in the door asking for you every single day.

☞ All of the people who ask for you will be five times easier to close and will pay 40% more in gross profit (commission).

Why? Because 71% of the people say they buy from people they like and trust. That’s why repeat business and referrals are so much easier to work with (70% closing ratio) compared to that walk-in stranger at just 10%, who doesn’t like you or know you.

Lead generation activities are all of the things you personally do each day to generate more of your own traffic. Count…

  • Your outbound prospecting calls each day to your previous customers, acquaintances, orphan owners in the dealership, and Parts & Service customers. Remember the goal – schedule a firm appointment that will show up asking for you. Count…
    • # of calls you make each day
    • # of appointments you set from your outbound calls
    • # of appointments that show up asking for you


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