Win-Win Corporations by Shashank Shah, Review

Win-Win Corporations: The Indian Way of Shaping Successful Strategies by Shashank Shah, Review


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Win-Win Corporations by Shashank Shah Review and summary is about Why did Ratan Tata decide to pay for all the victims of 26/11 whether injured in Taj or elsewhere?
How did Hindustan Unilever develop a cheaper and better product to beat its competitor Nirma?
And How did TVS Motor Company craft a turnaround after breaking up with Suzuki and become the first two-wheeler company in the world to win the prestigious Deming Prize?

Let’s see How did Larsen & Toubro Construction complete the Tirumala Water Supply Project in just 77 days?
What do Taj Hotels, Hindustan Unilever, TVS Motor Company, Larsen & Toubro, HDFC Bank and Bharat Petroleum have in common?

They are Win-Win Corporations! Based on over a decade of research, Dr. Shashank Shah identifies six Indian companies and tells you how they are truly outstanding in the way they do business. Each of them has remarkable practices when it comes to stakeholder management. Whether the stakeholder is a customer, employee, investor, vendor, dealer or even society at large; these companies exemplify that looking at their interests doesn’t really mean compromising your own.

Often, the two complement each other and that is what makes it a win-win solution for everyone. This book gives an inside look into what motivates exceptional companies and how they are a cut above the rest. It also tells you how you can make your company a Win-Win Corporation.

Full of fascinating anecdotes, eminent leaders speaking on their management philosophy, background stories of organizations, and an implementation toolkit, this book is an inspiring read into what makes companies phenomenal!


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Review: I’m still waiting for the book, as the author requested my review




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