The Importance Of Fashion In Today’s Personal And Professional Life

Dear Professionals

It gives me great pleasure to ask if you would be willing to write a post dedicated to 3ee about :

The Importance Of Fashion In Today’s Personal And Professional Life. we would like to ask our audience why Office Decor, Interior Designing, Business Attire, Dress Code Policy, Hairstyle and taking advantage of Accessories such as watches, rings etc is important?

Here at 3ee, we’d like to take a poll from our audience about choosing appropriate hairstyle and accessory and discuss how it affects the way they are judged positively or negatively in society. sometimes we’re wearing a suit or casual clothes in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3ee invites you to write a post about The Importance Of Fashion (Office Decoration, Dress code, Hairstyle, Accessories etc) in business and today’s society and give the honor to to publish it under your name.

Short story:

Actually I’m employed in a large company with its special dress codes, every day I see some of our colleagues come to work dressed up but the others don’t follow the dress code policy, and as I am a member of Rewards and Recognition Committee, I suggested every month we appoint one (Gentleman and Lady) of our colleagues and admire and thank them for being professional at work and this idea was accepted by not just our RR members but the leadership also thought it’s a great idea.

So if you’re willing and have time to dedicate a post to, We will publish it to all our Social Medias with your name as Author.

with all the best Team.

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