What is a Book Review Program and What is the purpose?

What is a Book Review Program and What is the purpose of a book review?


You won’t find a straightforward answer, because there are many different types of books and of course different types of review purposes. The basic purpose of a book review program is to analyze the weakness or strengths of the book before going public, how? most authors will share a few copies of their new books (before going available in the market) with professional book readers like, or Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc in exchange for their honest review and feedback, after receiving the feedback from reviewers, the author and his or her team would notice if the publication has any issues to fix, or it’s ready for the market.

They can realize the market response by analyzing different reviewer’s feedback and suggestions. most of the times a book with a great content but with a lot of misspelled words or common grammatical errors will receive negative reviews from their customers which will cause book selling drop significantly and ruined the author reputation.

A strategic book review program exists to tell the customers something substantial about the book and so spare the reader from having to read it themselves. As a result of reading the review, the customer may want to buy the book and read it. A book reviews will vary by publication, Newspapers and popular magazines, publish books etc.

A book review is not a summary of the contents but a commentary on the book which means that it analyses evaluates, and judges the contents of the book.

A professional review should talk about the appearance and the quality of papers and printing, the feel in hand, and Identify the author’s major hypothesis, point, or contention. What types of evidence and how does the author use the evidence presented in the book?

If possible, compare the book with other books on similar topics and category, Do you recommend this book to others? Why or why not? was it useful, etc?

Here at, we provide our brief and honest review to authors and their publication team and we’ll share our thoughts on social media as well as Book Review Communities that we are the member of.

I always write my reviews on Amazon, 3ee, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Social Media such as FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInTelegram and Google+.

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some of our reviews:

Author: Meridith Valiando Rojas , Ted D. Snow , Dr. Brett OsbornJoseph Veebe

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